Immune Engineering Symposium 2016

nanoparticle-laden T cells attacking melanoma tumor cells

Biological, chemical, and materials engineers are engaged at the forefront of immunology research. At their disposal is an analytical toolkit honed to solve problems in the petrochemical and materials industries, which share the presence of complex reaction networks, and convective and diffusive molecular transport. Powerful synthetic capabilities have also been crafted: binding proteins can be engineered with effectively arbitrary specificity and affinity, and multifunctional nanoparticles and gels have been designed to interact in highly specific fashions with cells and tissues. Fearless pursuit of knowledge and solutions across disciplinary boundaries characterizes this nascent discipline of immune engineering, synergizing with immunologists and clinicians to put immunotherapy into practice.

Videos of selected presentations are available on YouTube.


Galit Alter | Ragon Institute, MGH
Dissecting correlates of immunological protection from infection
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Nina Bhardwaj | Mount Sinai Hospital
Modulation of immunity by dendritic cells
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Michael Birnbaum | MIT, Koch Institute
Decoding T cell recognition
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Dennis Burton | Scripps Research Institute
Neutralizing antibody engineering and HIV vaccine design

Arup Chakraborty | MIT, IMES
How to hit HIV where it hurts

Jianzhu Chen | MIT, Koch Institute
Engineering human immune system in mice for basic and translational research
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Jennifer Cochran | Stanford University
Integrin-targeted combination immunotherapy

Mark Davis | Stanford University
Deconvolving T cell responses and T cell receptor repertoire

Glenn Dranoff | Novartis
Mechanisms of Protective Tumor Immunity

George Georgiou | University of Texas, Austin
Preclinical and clinical development of therapeutic enzymes for cancer treatment

Jeff Hubbell | University of Chicago
Pathways for engineering immunological tolerance

Darrell Irvine | MIT, Koch Institute
Chemically-enhanced T-cells for cancer immunotherapy

Tyler Jacks | MIT, Koch Institute
Stimulating immune response in genetically engineered mouse models of cancer

Ning Jenny Jiang | University of Texas, Austin
Immune repertoire profiling by high-throughput sequencing

Doug Lauffenburger | MIT, BE & Koch Institute
In vivo systems analysis of immune/inflammatory pathophysiology
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Judy Lieberman | Children's Hospital
Manipulating the in vivo immune response by targeted gene knockdown
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Christopher Love | MIT, Koch Institute
Characterizing T cells in MS and GBM

Scott Manalis | MIT, Koch Institute
Biological insights from linking single cell growth to the transcriptome

David Mooney | Harvard, Wyss Institute
Biomaterials to regulate immune cell trafficking and activation
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Hidde Ploegh | Whitehead Institute & MIT, Koch Institute
Non-invasive imaging of immune cells​
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Arlene Sharpe | Harvard University
Multifaceted functions of the PD-1 pathway

Melody Swartz | University of Chicago
Lymphatic vessels in immunomodulation: new insights and therapeutic targets

Dane Wittrup | MIT, Koch Institute
Engineering synergistic innate and adaptive immunotherapeutic responses with anti-tumor antibodies and IL-2​

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