Koch Institute Symposium

Speaker on stage at MIT's Kresge Hall

Credit: Sarah Bastille

The annual Koch Institute Cancer Research Symposium is held each summer and brings together leading researchers, biotech professionals, and physician-scientists from across the country to explore the latest perspectives, breakthroughs, and challenges associated with cancer research. Every year focuses on a different topic, representing key areas essential to progress against cancer, including the five Koch Institute research focus areas and emerging trends such as convergence and machine learning. In addition to the scientific talks, recent years have included panel discussions with industry professionals.

Recent Symposia

Event Archive

2017: Convergence of Science and Engineering in Cancer

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2016: Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

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2015: Cancer Complexity: Heterogeneity in Tumor Progression and Drug Response

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2014: RNA Biology, Cancer and Therapeutic Implications

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2013: Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

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2012: Epigenetics, Plasticity, and Cancer

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2011: Fueling Cancer: New Advances in Metabolism and Disease

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2010: Integrative Approaches to Cancer 

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2009: Understanding Metastasis

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2008: Nanotechnology and Cancer: The Power of Small Science 
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2007: Systems Biology of Cancer 

2006: Genomes, Chromosomes, and Cancer 

2005: The New Science of Cancer Therapy 

2004: The Small RNA Revolution: Biology, Technology, and Disease 

2003: Stem Cells, Development and Cancer 

2002: Invasion and Metastasis