Entrepreneurship & industry

Through extensive collaboration with academic, clinical, and industry partners, as well as faculty-founded startup companies, we ensure that discoveries and innovations made in our laboratories are translated as rapidly as possible into tools and treatments for cancer.  

Translation is an essential part of Koch Institute research. We seek out and maintain collaborations with a wide range of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies through sponsored research agreements and licensing. Moreover, MIT’s can-do, entrepreneurial spirit is deeply embedded in the Koch Institute’s approach to cancer research. Our faculty members have founded more than 100 companies that are actively working to ensure that Koch Institute discoveries and technologies make their way from bench to bedside. 

Through entrepreneurship and industry partnerships of every shape and size, the Koch Institute is committed to developing the relationships that will bring our cutting-edge diagnostics, treatments, and approaches to the patients who can best benefit from them. From models and compounds, to clinical trials and commercial-scale production, our collaborations allow us to harness complementary expertise and capabilities to open up new avenues for clinical care.  


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