When we compile the data from all the cells in all the wells in this stack of plates, we can gain insight into big research questions. Whether you can give a single well or whole plate, when we compile contributions from you and others who understand the importance of investing in transformative approaches we can make meaningful progress against cancer.

You make it happen. 

At MIT’s Koch Institute we go about cancer research differently. Our research model brings many kinds of expertise together in collaboration, focuses strategically on critical cancer challenges, and quickly ushers discoveries and innovations from bench to bedside.  

How do we do it? You. Support from individuals like you is what allows us to ask big questions, imagine bold solutions, and pursue transformative progress against cancer.  

To find out more about how you can make an impact contact Karen Sveda, Managing Director of Development, at  or (617) 324-7399.

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Gifts by check can be mailed to:  

Becca Hoff
Development Assistant, Koch Institute 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 76-158 
Cambridge, MA 02139 

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