Clinical Investigators & Research Fellows

Koch Institute Clinical Investigators help keep our research grounded in clinical challenges and oriented toward clinical solutions. The program offers physician-scientists a unique opportunity to participate in cutting-edge cancer research while continuing their medical practice, and provides Koch Institute researchers with a frontline view of challenges in cancer treatment. 

Participants receive dedicated lab space and research support, and work closely with faculty mentors at the Koch Institute. Over the years, our Clinical Investigators have focused on research and challenges around a variety of tumor types, including lung, brain, breast, blood, prostate, and ovarian cancer.  

The Koch Institute Clinical Investigators Program is supported by the Charles W. (1955) and Jennifer C. Johnson Cancer Research Fund. 

Other research fellows are non-faculty Koch Institute members who have their own labs or research groups.

Clinical investigators and research fellows

Tobiloba Oni

Koch Institute Affiliated Fellow

Dr. Oni seeks new methods of understanding, detecting, and potentially treating pancreatic cancer, focusing on immune mechanisms and immunotherapy response.

Joelle Straehla

Charles W. (1955) and Jennifer C. Johnson Clinical Investigator

Dr. Straehla studies the nano-bio interface in order to more effectively translate nanotherapeutics into the oncology clinic.

Kipp Weiskopf

Dr. Weiskopf studies the interactions between macrophages and cancer cells to discover and target novel immune checkpoints.

Past Clinical Investigators

Hojun Li, MD, PhD
Scott Floyd, MD, PhD 
Salil Garg, MD, PhD
Peter Ghoroghchian, MD, PhD 
Alice Shaw, MD, PhD