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Creating novel devices for cancer detection & monitoring

Angela Belcher poses with her Macrophage

Early detection and monitoring is critical to mounting effective cancer treatments. The molecular differences that make cancer cells lethal when left unchecked also provide the clues for their detection, identification and visualization. We are developing new methods in molecular imaging and using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technologies to develop highly sensitive cancer detectors.  And by combining implantable detectors with wireless data transmission technologies (telemetry), we envision the development of tools for continuous monitoring during and after cancer treatment to signal remission and relapse or even trigger micro-scale drug delivery systems for automatic therapeutic interventions.

Featured Faculty: Michael Cima

Learn more about the work that Professor Cima’s lab is doing to create tiny nanosensors that are chemically sensitive to different molecules—and how they hope these sensors can be used to help determine proper dosage for chemotherapy.

Participating Intramural Faculty

Angela Belcher

Sangeeta Bhatia

Michael Cima

Paula Hammond

Richard Hynes

Scott Manalis

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