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Behind the Beaker, Beyond the Machines: The Exciting World of Cancer Research at MIT

KI Open HouseKI Open House

Friday, April 24, 2015 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

More than 300 people attended the Koch Institute’s 2015 open-house event "Behind the Beaker, Beyond the Machines" on April 24, finding themselves face to face with zebrafish, cartoon cells, models, devices, movies, and actual specimens from ongoing KI research projects. Even more importantly, they had the chance to engage with more than 100 volunteers from 22 KI laboratories and core facilities though the research showcase in the KI Public Galleries and accompanying “mini-lab” of hands-on experiments. Whether getting hands dirty or minds engaged, the volunteers infused the event with passion, creativity, and knowledge, even inspiring one young visitor to remark “I want to study cancer research one day.” We’re pretty sure it wasn’t just because of the temporary tattoos that everyone received…

View photos of the event on our Facebook page.

Presented as part of the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival with event-specific support from Genzyme.

Participating KI laboratories

Bhatia Lab – Nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and treatment

Chen Lab – Life of a macrophage 

Cima Lab – New technologies for drug delivery and monitoring 

Floyd Lab – DNA damage in cancer treatment 

Gertler Lab – The deadly spread of cancer 

Hammond Lab – Layer-by-layer nanotechnology 

Hemann Lab – Tumor heterogeneity and chemoresistance 

Hynes Lab – Metastasis and the extracellular matrix 

Irvine Lab – Combating disease with micro- and nanotechnologies 

Jacks Lab – Modeling cancer 

Koehler Lab – When cancer cells hulk out 

Langer Lab – Drug delivery and nanoparticles

Lees Lab – Zebrafish and cancer development 

Love Lab – Cancer complexity and precision medicine 

Manalis Lab – Modeling metastasis with circulating tumor cells 

Sharp Lab – The many lives of RNA 

Vander Heiden Lab – Cancer metabolism in action 

Wittrup Lab – Targeting cancer with therapeutics 

Yilmaz Lab – We are what we eat