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A Night at the Museum: MIT Takes on Cancer

The ingenuity of MIT scientists and engineers has produced inventions from the electronic spreadsheet to PET scans. What happens when they tackle a family of diseases that causes 13% of deaths worldwide? On October 12, 2012, Second Fridays at the MIT Museum hosted researchers from the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research for an evening of talks and hands-on demonstrations about ideas with the potential to change the way the world thinks about, diagnoses, and treats cancer. Review the list of presentations below and view photos on Facebook.

What Is Cancer?
Talya Dayton, Jacks Laboratory

Designing Cancer Sensors
Christophoros Vassiliou, Cima Laboratory

Understanding the Spread of Cancer
John Lamar, Hynes Laboratory

Targeted Cancer Therapies
Kavya Rakhra, Irvine Laboratory

Hands-on Activities
Fold Your Own Origami DNA Strand, CanDyNA, Fighting Colon Cancer with Seaweed, Cancer Metabolism, Synthetic Bio + Cancer