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Summer Symposium 2004

The Small RNA Revolution: Biology, Technology, and Disease

June 18, 2004

Small Regulatory RNAs in Animal Development

Victor Ambros, Dartmouth Medical School

The Mechanisms of RNA Silencing in Mammals

Thomas Tuschl, Rockefeller University

Non-coding Transcribed Elements of the X-inactivation Center

Jeannie Lee, Harvard Medical School

MicroRNAs and Their Regulatory Functions in Animals and Plants

David Bartel, Whitehead Institute, MIT

From Worms to Mammals: The Regulation of Lifespan by Insulin/IGF-1 Signaling

Cynthia Kenyon, University of California, San Francisco

RNA as a Gene Regulatory Factor

Phillip Sharp, Center for Cancer Research, MIT

Interfering with Disease: Harnessing RNAi for Therapy

Judy Lieberman, The CBR Institute for Biomedical Research, Harvard Medical School

Approaches to Mammalian Genetics

Stephen Elledge, Harvard Medical School

Exploring the Genetic Basis of Immune Function and Disease Using RNAi

Luk Van Parijs, Center for Cancer Research, MIT