Jacqueline A. Lees, PhD

Jackie Lees

Professor of Biology

Associate Dean, School of Science

Associate Head, Department of Biology

Virginia & D.K. Ludwig Professor for Cancer Research

Director, MIT Stem Cell Initiative

Member, Ludwig Center at MIT

Contact Information

jacqueline a. lees


(617) 252-1972

lees Lab

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Administrative support

Paul Thompson

(617) 258-0480

Research Areas

Metastasis, Precision medicine

Professor Lees investigates genes that influence cancer development and progression, with particular focus on regulators that control stem cell function.

Research Summary

Acquisition and maintenance of stem cell properties are a crucial hallmark of cancer cells and thus represents core vulnerabilities for cancer treatment. The Lees Laboratory investigates regulators that play important roles in cancer development and progression, particularly ones that influence stem cell function. The lab investigates the molecular mechanisms by which these regulators act, their roles in normal vertebrate development, and how changes in their activity influences tumor development, progression and metastasis, using cell lines and genetically engineered mouse and zebrafish models.

One major area of study is the epigenetic regulator, PRMT5, which is important for stemness and strongly implicated as a positive regulator in a broad array of human tumor types. In particular, we are investigating how inactivation of PRMT5 impacts lung cancer, and dissecting mechanisms of acquired resistance. A second Lees lab project investigates how primary cilia promote stemness of stem cells and cancer cells of the breast. Finally, we are identifying genes that enable the development and progression of uveal melanoma, the most common adult eye tumor.  For all of these projects, our goal is to identify regulators that are potential targets for cancer treatment. 


Jacqueline A. Lees is director of the MIT Stem Cell Initiative and associate dean in the MIT School of Science. She completed her graduate work at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research, UK) at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, investigating the mechanism of action of the estrogen receptor, and received her doctorate in biochemistry from the University of London. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Ed Harlow at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School, supported by fellowships from the Human Frontier Science Program and the American Leukemia Society. Here, she made key contributions to our understanding of the retinoblastoma protein tumor suppressor and the cloning and characterization of the E2F transcription factors. She joined the MIT faculty in 1994 and is a Daniel K. Ludwig Professor. Lees is a Scientific Advisory Board Member for Skyhawk Therapeutic.

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