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Past Issues

SBC Focus 2012/3

Microarray: Probing the Cancer Genome - Stuart Levine can generate a whole human genome's worth of data every hour; the Hynes Lab's Myriam Labelle shows that platelets can help tumor cells become more invasive; SBC supporter Doug Bailey honors the late Robert Swanson and invests in the progress of cancer research at MIT. 

SBC Focus 2012/2

ATWAI: Watching Cancer in Living Color - Scott Malstrom helps researchers image tumors; Alex Bagley uses gold nanorods to shrink ovarian tumors; Fred Middleton co-chairs efforts to build the SBC community. 

SBC Focus 2012/1

SBC: The Public Square - Director Tyler Jacks  explains how the Swanson Biotechnology Center is a shared resource hub for the Koch Institute's innovative research model; SBC scientific directors Sarah Farrington and Jacqueline Lees discuss how the SBC's expert staff advance research and connect people to form new collaborations; the High Content Screening and Bioinformatics and Computing Facilities are just two SBC laboratories that help MIT's cancer researchers stay ahead of the curve.