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Expert List

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Daniel G. Anderson

Nano-based drugs, cancer immunology, gene therapy, nanoparticulate drug delivery, and biomaterials

Angela M. Belcher

Biomaterials, biomolecular materials and organic-inorganic interfaces processing, biotechnology, nanotechnology, biomolecular engineering

Sangeeta N. Bhatia

Using micro- and nanotechnology tools to repair damaged tissues, regenerative medicine and tissue biology, nanobiotechnology, biomaterials, extracellular matrix, tissue engineering, therapeutic technologies, infectious disease modeling

Michael Birnbaum

Immunology, immunotherapy, protein engineering, T cell recognition, molecular recognition, molecular diversity

Jianzhu Chen

T cell response to cancer, mouse model of human lymphoma, immunological memory, influenza, siRNA therapeutics, anti-virals, humanized mouse model

Michael J. Cima

MEMS devices for diagnostics and drug delivery, high throughput systems for pharmaceutical formulation discovery, materials in health sciences

Frank B. Gertler

cancer biology, developmental biology, genetics, cell biology, cytoskeletal control of guided cell movement

Paula T. Hammond

Multi-agent cancer drug delivery, targeted nanoparticle delivery, combination cancer imaging and delivery systems, stimuli-responsive cancer drug release, thin film release from implants

Michael Hemann

Cancer biology, genetics, molecular medicine and human disease

Nancy H. Hopkins

Genetics, zebrafish, zebrafish as a model system for cancer, cancer genes, essential genes, animal development and cancer

David E. Housman

Molecular genetics, molecular basis of erythroid differentiation, acquired resistance to chemotherapy, molecular medicine and human disease

Richard O. Hynes

Cell adhesion, angiogenesis, metastasis, tumor microenvironment, mouse models of human diseases (cancer, inflammation, thrombosis, hemostasis)

Darrell J. Irvine

Immunotherapy, tumor immunology, drug delivery, nanoparticles, vaccines, leukocyte migration and trafficking

Tyler Jacks

Cancer genetics, cancer biology, mouse models, metastasis, immuno-oncology, molecular medicine, gene targeting technology

Angela Koehler

Personalized medicine, B-cell lymphomas, Glioblastoma, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Deregulation of transcription in cancer

Robert S. Langer

Engineered biomaterials, BioMEMS, tumor targeting, drug delivery, nanoparticles, tissue engineering

J. Christopher Love

Single-cell analysis, immunology, biomanufacturing, immune monitoring in autoimmunity, infectious disease, cancer, allergy

Jacqueline A. Lees

Cell cycle control, molecular medicine and human disease, cell biology, tumor suppressor genes, mammalian and zebrafish models

Scott R. Manalis

BioMEMS, microfluidics, biomolecular detection, single cell analysis

Ram Sasisekharan

Extracellular matrix and signal transduction, cell surface, therapeutics development and delivery, computational modeling of biological and physiological systems, nanotechnology, bioinformatics

Phillip A. Sharp

RNA interference, gene expression, gene silencing, gene regulation, short RNAs, microRNAs, siRNAs as therapeutics against brain and ovarian cancers, retroviral vectors, alternative splicing, regulation of transcription, nanoparticles and cancer

Stefani Spranger

Immunology, Immunotherapy, T cell inflammation, adoptive T cell transfer, immune escape, immunotherapy resistance, checkpoint blockades, neoantigens

Matthew Vander Heiden

Cancer metabolism, cancer therapy, host metabolism, pyruvate kinase

Robert A. Weinberg

Gene transfer and cloning, metastasis, ras oncogenes, tumor growth factor-beta receptors, retinoblastoma, tumor suppressor genes, mouse models of human familial cancers, angiogenesis, telomerase, cell cycle clock

Forest M. White

Proteomics, cellular signaling networks, mass spectrometry, receptor tyrosine kinases, ErbB, insulin signaling/resistance

K. Dane Wittrup

Protein engineering, antibody engineering, tumor targeting, vaccine development, biopharmaceutical pharmacokinetics

Michael B. Yaffe

Cell signaling and signal transduction, DNA damage, cancer chemotherapy and drug resistance, protein kinases, phospho-binding domains, cell injury, inflammation, neutrophils  

Ömer Yilmaz

Stem cells, organoids, colorectal cancer, obesity