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Past Issues

Cancer Solutions 2021/108

Adding Injury to Create Immunogenicity; Fundamentally Curious; Shifting the Conversation Around Diet and Cancer; Remembering David Livingston; A Checkup for Checkpoint Blockade; Stem Cells and Colon Cancer; KI Directors Panel on December 14; $25M Gift to the Bridge Project; Secret Gardener; KI Trainees Honored; Modeling the Mechanisms of Metastasis

Cancer Solutions 2021/107

Weighing Treatment Options; Leading the Way for Science & Technology; The Case for Cancer Vaccines; Digging Deep to Fight Covid and Cancer; Entrepreneurship and the KI; The Ins and Outs of Metastasis; Congratulations, Sachin!; Forest vs. Fires; Special Presentation on November 19; Diet, Cancer, and the Microbiome; Cultivating a Love of Science

Cancer Solutions 2021/106

Welcome back!; Staking Out Cancer; Lees Named Associate Dean; Three Strikes Against Pancreatic Cancer; Upcoming Event: Oxygenating the Pipeline; Copy That; Improving Health with Nanomedicine; Moles Meet Machine Learning; MIRA MIRA on the Cell; mRNA Vaccines Beyond Covid

Cancer Solutions 2021/105

Parsing Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Samples; KI Welcomes New Executive Director; Promoter Sequence; On the Surface of Silicone; Ribon is Right on Target; A Genetic Enhancer and a Scholar; Culture Club; Strand and Deliver; Spring Discussions Bring Summer Reflection; Fate Accompli; Branching Out from STEM; Lodish Means Business

Cancer Solutions 2021/104

Elimination Round; Hammond Named Institute Professor; Soft Cell; Congratulations and Welcome!; Learnt to a CRISPR; with/in/sight webinar: Unsung Research Heroes; KI Physician Honored; Eye on the KI; Redefining Endometriosis; Virtual Tourism

Cancer Solutions 2021/103

Some Self-Assembly Required; A Conversation with the New Director; Time to Face the Mucus; Breaking Through Cancer; In-eight Ability; Hail Fellows, Well Met; Location, Location, Location; Congratulations, Karches Prize Winners!; Words of WISDM; Virtual Lab Tours

Cancer Solutions 2021/102

A Field Guide to Cancer Progression; Scientific Modeling; Next Stop KRAS; Behind the Vaccines; The Companies They Keep; Progress Against Prostate Cancer Proceeds; Inside an Immune Response; New Immunotherapy Target in Glioblastoma; New Immunotherapy Target in Glioblastoma

Cancer Solutions 2021/101

Hungry for Answers; Weinberg wins Japan Prize; Making mammography-based risk assessment more robust; NCI, MIT Cancer Research Turn 50; Disarming Cancer; New Year, New Faces; For pTyr’s Sake; Personalized Vaccine Persists; Science Gets a Promotion; Belcher Shines Brighter; Bhatia tracks treatment response; Expanding Options for Tissue Analysis

Special Edition: New Year Brings Transition to the Koch Institute

Tyler Jacks to Step Down as Koch Institute Director; Signature Initiatives; Awards and Honors; National Leadership; Research Highlights; Featured Collaborations; What's Next?; Jacks of All Trades

Cancer Solutions 2020/100

The Long History of Rapid Vaccine Development; Small Molecule, Big Potential; Bringing Computers Into the Protein Fold; Conducting Research in a New Way; Blazing Trails in Biopharma; Division of Liver; Green Light for KI Faculty Startups

Cancer Solutions 2020/99

Remembering Angelika Amon; Growing Evidence; Convergence by the Book; Positive Signaling; Age of Senescence; Freeze Frame; Meet the Convergence Scholars; Vaccine Around Town; Companion Diagnostics Approved

Cancer Solutions 2020/98

Advancing AI in Medicine; Á la CAR-T; NIH Honors Transformative Potential; Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do; Diego Castrillon to Deliver Sixth Annual Lippard Lecture; RNA Interference Goes Bone Deep; Nanoparticles Against Glioblastoma; Binders Keepers; Rising Stars; SeqWell S3: Better Than the Original

Cancer Solutions 2020/97

Cornering Cancer; RUNX RUNX as Fast as You Can; Michelson Prize for Michael Birnbaum; Fewer Needles, More STING; 2020 Visions: A Virtual Celebration; Shedding Metabolite on Pancreatic Cancer; Nanoparticles on Trachea to Greatness; Standing Up to Pancreatic Cancer; Wittrup Lab Sticks It to Tumors; Campus Shuts Down, Nelson Steps Up; On the Node Again; Two More Against Tumors

Cancer Solutions 2020/96

Counting Antigens; AACR-uing Honors; Immunostimulatory Nanoparticles Improve Checkpoint Therapy; Dissecting Discrimination; KEAP-ing Lung Cancer in Check; Sensors & Sensibility; Sizing Up Cell Growth; Cancer Researchers Take on COVID-19; Shared Knowledge for Improved Biomanufacturing; Making Metastasis Visible; Imaging Science; Concentrating on Cancer Drugs

Cancer Solutions 2020/95

Faster, Cheaper, Scalable; Critical Analysis; “I wish I was chilling”; Sussing Out Susceptibility; Improving Treatment for Liver Cancer; Balancing Act; Weight Loss and Pancreatic Cancer; High-Capacity Viral Diagnostics; Nothing to Sneeze At

Cancer Solutions 2020/94

Turning the Peptide on Lung Cancer Detection; 24-Hour Challenge, Years of Inspiration; A Bridge to Better Blood Biopsies; KI Labs Net Success in STAT Madness; 2020 Visions; Out of Many, One; Spring into STEM with MIT BLOSSOMS; Enter Entrepreneurship; Fate to the Clinic

Cancer Solutions Special Edition 2020

Serving a Repurpose; Convening on COVID; Biotechs Join the Fray with RNA; Prioritizing Personal Protection; Peptides That Bind; KI Alum Leads Testing in NIH Study; Community in Silico

Cancer Solutions 2020/93

Speaking Frankly; 24-Hour Challenge; New Model for Neuroblastoma; Vote, STAT!; Deep Learning at IAP; Amon Wins 2020 Nakasone Award

Cancer Solutions 2020/92

Battling Bias in Boston Biotech; Trip the Light Fan-gastric; mTOR de Force; Niche Interest; Personalized Medicine and Medleys; Syros Begins CDK7 Inhibitor Trial

Cancer Solutions 2020/91

A Perfect 10 for 2020; Homing in on Hypoxia; Hojun Li Joins the KI; Amon Fights Back Against Dysfunction; Treg-ulating Immunosuppression in Cancer; Mind Your PNAS QnAs; Science Nonfiction Double Feature; Cancer, à la Carte; Better Foundations for Breast Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer Solutions 2019/90

A Means to an End; A Farewell to ARMS?; Here Be Dragonfly; Drop Some Knowledge; Music to Our Peers; KI Gets Two Therapeutic Thumbs Up; Best in Shaw

Cancer Solutions 2019/89

New target for small cell lung cancer; Lumicell Hits the Home Stretch; Going Chiral; Bhatia’s Biomarkers Bring Insight to the Clinic; Cell-based Therapy Squeezes into Human Trials; Transforming Early Detection; More Than Meets the A.I.

Cancer Solutions 2019/88

Golden Anniversary for a Gold Medal; Big Questions in Cancer Biology; Holding Court; A Few Bad Apples; KI Executive Director Steps Down; Bhatia and Young Elected to the National Academy of Medicine; Vaccine with a Double STING; Honor Roll; Combating Drug Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer; Trailblazers of Glory; Pod People; In Good Company

Cancer Solutions 2019/87

In Remembrance: David H. Koch (1940-2019); The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Immunotherapy; Honor Roll; Synergy Sleuths; Taris Touts Trial Success; Killing Tumors with Cytokine-ness; Community Highlights; The Mighty Mighty Ketones; Curiosity: A Tribute to Steven Keating; Unmasking Mutant Cancer Cells; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals

Cancer Solutions 2019/86

Better Breast Cancer Risk Prediction; Guiding Light; Your Summer Reading Is Here; Aneuploidy in Prostate Cancer; Alpaca Punch; "And the Academy and awards go to..."; Row, Row, Row Your Bot; Community Highlights; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals

Cancer Solutions 2019/85

Myc Drop; But what he really wants to do is direct; What's On Your Plate?; In Like a Lion; A Tale of Two Acidities; New Images in Bloom; The Building Blocks of Creative Chemistry; Amon to Co-Direct Alana Down Syndrome Center; TGI Pi Day; Upcoming Events; Community Highlights; In Good Company; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals

Cancer Solutions 2019/84

Taking a Deep Dive with DOLPHIN; BE the Change You Want to See; Tortoises All the Way Down; Spectrum of Opportunity; Acoustic Cell; Better Mammography through AI; Sizing Up Cells; Vote, STAT!; Community Highlights; All That and a Bag of MicroColonyChips; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals; In Good Company

Cancer Solutions 2019/83

Lung Microbiome Corrupted in Cancer; Angelika Amon wins 2019 Vilcek Award; Lunch Lines of Inquiry; Beyond Cancer Genomics; Just Breathe; The Medium Matters; Festschrift for Bob; Headphone Jacks; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals; In Good Company

Cancer Solutions 2018/82

Season’s Greetings from the Koch Institute; In Fighting Shape; Immune Engineering Takes Center Stage; Putting the Y in Wireless; Park Leaves Hahvahd Yahd to Hit the Rhodes; And a CDK12 in a Repair Tree; Community Highlights; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals; In Good Company

Cancer Solutions 2018/81

Angelika Amon Wins 2019 Breakthrough Prize; Seeking Stem; AI Comes to the Cancer Clinic; Congratulations, 2018 Karches Prize Winners; Charting New Heights in Kendall Square; Right on Target; The Future of Precision Cancer Medicine; Beyond the Bridge: Manalis, Weinstock Honored; Sadtler Up to the Challenge; Gene Therapy Express; Putting the SQZ on Cancer Immunotherapy; Together for Trainees; The Odd Couple; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals

Cancer Solutions 2018/80

League of Xtraordinary Gentlewomen (and Bob); Progress Against Pancreatic Cancer; Culture Shock; Speedy Delivery; In Good Company; Diet and Cancer: Understanding the Big Picture; Hungry for Research; Set and Spike!; Trainees on Track; Pub Crawl: News from the Research Journals

Cancer Solutions 2018/79

Summer Backpacking with the Irvine Lab; The Unstoppable Nancy Hopkins; Weight For It; We Built This Laboratory on 'Doc and Roll; A Little "Light" Cancer Detection; Slow Down, You Grow Too Fast; Top Scholars; Are you "envoying" your summer, Dr. Langer?; KI Announces Karches Mentorship Prize; Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose...; Oh Say Can You CPCM; 'Pub' Crawl; In Good Company; KI Community Highlights

Cancer Solutions 2018/78

Pushing BBBoundaries, BBBreaking Barriers; The Boom Where It Happens; Intestinal Stem Cells: The Next Regeneration; Get A Life (Science, That Is!); Ligands, Microarrays, Action!; 'Pub' Crawl: News from the Research Journals; In Good Company; KI Community Highlights

Cancer Solutions 2018/77

Breakthrough Cancer Nanotechnologies; You Oughta Be in Picture Shows; Intestine the Limits of MK2; KI Trainees are the Bee's Knees; Spreading Weinberg Wisdom; Powerhouse Spring Cleaning; Feeling Festive; More Than Your Average Cup of Joe; Behind the Scenes of Downstream Dreams; KI Community Highlights

Cancer Solutions 2018/76

From Origami to Organoids: 2018 Image Awards Exhibition Opens; Hammond Wins ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science; Bridge Projects in Bloom; Roots of Success; Advancing New Bodies of Knowledge; Yilmaz Wins AAAS Award; Science Festival Double Header; KI Alumna Named Gates Cambridge Scholar; A Day in the Langer Life; KI Community Highlights

Cancer Solutions 2018/75

Belcher Elected to NAE; Lights! Cameras! Convergent Action!; Making What's Old New Again; Cima Appointed to MIT Engineering Leadership; Hockfield Talks Convergence at AAAS;  Adjuvantageous Approach Boosts Ovarian Cancer Survival; Fresh Faces of Biology at MIT; Winter Blues No Match for Reviews; In Good Company; KI Community Highlights

Cancer Solutions 2018/74

Targeting Patient Success with Precision Cancer Medicine; Arts and Crafting Cancer Solutions; KI Welcomes New Extramural Faculty Members; Garg named Johnson Clinical Investigator; Fit to be Peptide; Cannula Believe It?; Putting Pen to Purpose; In Good Company; KI Community Highlights

Cancer Solutions 2017/73

Signing Off for 2017; Manalis Mirrors Multiple Myeloma Response Rates; Following the Rhodes to Success; CRISPR Goes Non-viral!; Cancer Metabolism Makes Its Mark; Special Biops: Cell-Free DNAgents in the Field; KI Overachievers Under 30; Lumicell's Success Shines Bright; Feel the Birn-baum; The Spirit of Inquiry; Bhatia in the Spotlight; Promising Progress for Two KI Faculty Startups

Cancer Solutions 2017/72

What's the Big Idea?; Heads Together for Brain Cancer; Ritu Raman named L’Oréal USA Fellow; Finders KEAPers; Hynes Honored by National Academy of Medicine; Bait and Switch for Targeted Immunotherapy; Aren't They Wunder-ful?; Kicking Cancer’s KRAS; Langer Awarded Kabiller Prize; Baker's Dozen for Cunningham Fellowships; Moving RNAi Forward; From Bench to Broadway

Cancer Solutions 2017/71

KI Debuts New Fall Lineup; A Strand-ing Ovation for mRNA Delivery; Rave Tech Reviews for KI Community Members; Three KI Faculty Members Honored by the NIH; Immune Engineering in the Spotlight; More Shots, Please!; Ultrasonic Power, Start The Engine!; Laura van ‘t Veer to Give Third Annual Lippard Lecture; KI has Xtraordinary Night at 2017 Xconomy Awards

Cancer Solutions 2017/70

The Proof is in the Proximity; Versatile Nanomedicine; Xconomy Marks the Spot; Who Needs Metal? Alternative Rocks!; Boston Biotech Shines Bright; Hit the Road Against Ovarian Cancer; Langer: Unplugged; Satellite Liver from Launch to Liftoff; Proceed with Caution: Hynes Gives Guidance Following Gene Editing Breakthrough; What I Did On My Summer Vacation, by KI Startups

Cancer Solutions 2017/69

The Importance of Being Convergent; Marble Center: One Year In; Cell Cycle Arrest and Immune Surveillance; Tenure, They Wrote; Fast Moving Frontiers; Honey, I Shrunk the Spheroids; A Banner Year for the Irvine Lab; Understanding the Spread of Lung Cancer; Honoring the Lippard Legacy; Budget Balancing Acts; Life of a Pioneer; Hockfield Hall of Fame; Farewell to a Friend

Cancer Solutions 2017/68

The Cool Nano-nerds; Of Mice and Men; KI Members and Collaborators Elected to the NAS; Wnt Power; Vander Heiden Receives SU2C Sharp Award; Convergence in Cancer; In Tune with Tumors; Looking Sharp!; Shobrys Gives Back; Eliezer Calo Joins Faculty; KI Outreach in Full Swing; Infinite sMiles All Around

Cancer Solutions 2017/67

From Melanocytes to Microfluidics; Jacks Went Up The Hill; Amon Named to American Academy; AACR Experiences the 'KI Effect'; Not Your Gene-ric Research Result; Defeating Diagnostic Deficits; Tethered 'til the End; Sabatini Wins Lurie Prize; Sending Signals to the Moon; Stiff Competition; Programmed for Success; SMARCE Science

Cancer Solutions 2017/65

Takeda Care of Business; Radio Active: KI Cancer Research On the Air; Can't Wait for the Seq-Well; Out of the Tower, Into the Square; Extra, Extra, Read All About It; Hammond Elected to the NAE; A Nanoparticle Walks Into A Barcode; Foresight is 30/30; Lemon Aid: Gastric Acid Provides Power; Tract and Field: Ultrasound Scores Big

Cancer Solutions 2016/64

Happy Holidays and New Year!; Cima Named 2016 NAI Fellow; Eeny Mena Miney Moe...; Young and Full of (Piezoelectric) Energy; Damage Control; Schoellhammer Makes Waves; KI Alum to Head CSHL Cancer Center

Cancer Solutions 2016/63

Remembering Susan Lindquist; Doubling Down on Immunotherapy; Hammond Elected to the National Academy of Medicine; Predicting Tumor Response for Cancer Care; Vander Heiden Metabo-lites Up Cancer Research; The Secreted Lives of Tumors; Alan Ashworth To Deliver Annual Lippard Lecture; Kendall Square Convergence in the Spotlight

Cancer Solutions 2016/62

T-Minus 10 Recs for Cancer Moonshot Liftoff; Health Care Initiatives Look to the KI; So Many Cells, (in) So Little Time; Sweet Success for KI Startups; A New Release on Life; Pearls Before STEM; Rhythm of the Night; Mandal's Work is More Than Skin Deep; Bhatia Lab Helps CRISPR See the Light; Thanks for the Memories; More Than Meets the Eye

Cancer Solutions 2016/61

Beat the Heat, Multimedia Style; Bhatia Shoots for the Moon; TED Live and Learn; Pleading Immunotherapy; KISS and Tell; Do Viruses Make You Feel Funny?; That's So Ninja; Keeping Up with the Koehlers; Podcasts with Postdocs

Cancer Solutions 2016/60

Biomedicine for the Convergent Soul; Higher Yield on Your Next Vax Return; E. coli of Duty; Trusting Ömer Yilmaz to Change the World; Tumor Wars: Subduing the Resistance; Trial by KI-ers; From Genetics to Bionics; STEM-ulating the Nation's Youth; Patently Productive; Resident Rockstars

Cancer Solutions 2016/59

Happy Birthday to Us; And here's another '5' to celebrate; Mission: Accepted; Once in a Blue Ribbon 'Moonshot'; Big PrEvents; Open Doors, Open Minds; More to Celebrate; Taking a Stand; Bridge to the Future

Cancer Solutions 2016/58

License to Killian; A Renaissance Woman for the Nano Age; No Presents, Please. We're Focused on the Future; Growing Healthy with the Gupta Lab; Paving the Way for Metastasis; Diet and Cancer; Shooting for the Moon with Paula Hammond; Fueling Cancer Growth; Timing is of the Essence; KI Undergrad Receives Gates Scholarship

Cancer Solutions 2016/57

Totally AAASome News About Susan Hockfield; A Fitting Tribute; KI Helps Surgeons Light Up Cancer; Tag-teaming Proteins; KI Engineering Solutions: Not Just for Cancer; KI Researcher Wins TED Fellowship; A CRISPR Delivery; A Cellular Family Tree; The Fault in our Cells; Cell-abrate Style with new KI-Image Inspired Jewelry

Cancer Solutions 2016/56

Tackling a Global Challenge; Yes, it's the Right Time for a 'Moonshot'; KI Welcomes New Faculty; Fellowship of the Innovators; Fresh Material(s Science); Sustained Investment for Sustained Progress; Immaculate Suppression; Once More unto the Bridge; KI Alum to head Salk Cancer Center

Cancer Solutions 2015/55

Challenge grand expands Bridge Project; The KI's corner on innovation; No retreat, no surrender; Leading the way toward more eureka moments; Researcher's digest; What's not about Bob?; All abuzz about CRISPR; Shared goals, different approaches; Transforming tomorrow today; Grand plans for cancer research; Weinberg witty and wise at with/in/sight; SQZ named Roche's new squeeze

Cancer Solutions 2015/54

Inaugural Judith Ann Lippard Memorial Lecture; The KI plays the long game; From SOLVE to selfies; Bhatia’s ideas take flight in New York; KI researchers hog the covers; Hockfield portrait unveiled; KI undergrads on the offense; Sisters drive awareness, KI research

Cancer Solutions 2015/53

Hammond heads ChemE; Pros piece together puzzles; Bugging cancer; Cell metabolism: Cancer's Achilles heel; Designing super-long-acting pills; Love talks; KI postdoc recognized as Innovator Under 35; One in ten

Cancer Solutions 2015/52

Tyler Jacks wins MIT faculty’s top honor; Programmable probiotics; From body to bedside; Freshly squeezed vaccines; Manalis Lab microfluidics go with the flow; Fights, cancer, action; (Another) Academy (Another) Award; No pain, big gain; KI labs turned inside out

Cancer Solutions 2015/51

Main attraction; Feeling festive on April 24; Open data opens minds; A biography of cancer; Doubling down on immunotherapy; A metabolic vulnerability in glioblastoma; Nano-networked drug delivery; Hot corner

Cancer Solutions 2015/50

Robert Langer wins the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering; Sangeeta Bhatia elected to the National Academy of Engineering; Artsy bacteria spread science; Converging on world challenges; Four KI trainees recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30; Special delivery; Here, there, and everywhere; Getting schooled in cancer research

Cancer Solutions 2014/49

Inspiration for the holidays; A-maze-ing TEDx talk by Tyler Jacks; Curiouser and curiouser; Two new Rhodes Scholars with KI connections; Crucial convergence

Cancer Solutions 2014/48

In fond remembrance; Jacks Lab hacks genetic modeling; Bhatia’s disruptive technology nabs international acclaim; Predicting the future with amino acids; The inside story: Implantable technology improves treatment; Swallowing your next injection; Cell-ebrating style: Super models for science

Cancer Solutions 2014/47

Bridging the gap in ovarian cancer research; Head of AACR visits the KI; Spotlight on hidden ovarian tumors; Tiny technologies put up a big fight; Unique perspectives on ovarian cancer; Sisters Against Ovarian Cancer support cutting-edge KI research; Camp Kesem MIT: Letting kids be kids; Advocating for ovarian cancer patients and research

Cancer Solutions 2014/46

KI marks Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month; Sangeeta Bhatia awarded Lemelson-MIT Prize; From bench to bedside: Targeting IDH-mutant cancers; A new way to rapidly study cancer-causing mutations; Divisive thoughts on cell division; New technique allows for better study of hepatitis B and drug treatments; Dressing drug molecules in layers; RNA combination therapy for lung cancer offers promise for personalized medicine; Stand Up to Cancer raises more than $109 million

Cancer Solutions 2014/45

Celebrating Anniversaries at the Koch Institute; KI Symposium Celebrates RNA Renaissance; Langer wins Kyoto Prize, Biotechnology Heritage Award; Cancer Immunotherapy Gets Flashy; I Love the Bright Life; Sights Set on Ovarian Cancer; YAP, YAP, YAP: Talking About Cancer Pathways; Basic Research: The Bedrock of MIT; Small Particles, Big Collaborations; Lees & Weinberg Tackle Unanswered Questions

Cancer Solutions 2014/44

Cancer researchers on the rise; Expanding the playing field for RNA interference; Building bridges for award-winning melanoma research; Muñoz makes the miles count for cancer research; Double trouble for aggressive cancers; Hopkins a powerful voice for change; MIT dreamin’; Suntharalingam receives 2014 Dalton Award

Cancer Solutions 2014/43

A multi-institutional approach to genome-guided cancer medicine; Great IDH-tions; Cancer research: we're doin’ it right; Cima’s new device shows sense and sensor-bility; SU2C names new innovation in collaboration awards in honor of Phillip A. Sharp; Jacks laboratory develops novel mouse model for aggressive thyroid cancer; Three companies: Sasisekharan startups please crowd; Triple threat: a new breed of nanoparticles; Watson and Jacks share award recognition—and more; Samson laboratory develops a test to assess DNA repair systems; MIT senior seeks to enable the disabled with technology; AACR honors KI faculty and celebrates National Cancer Research Month

Cancer Solutions 2014/42

Behind the music with Michael Hemann; Hockfield explores the power of the convergence revolution; The many elements of Stephen Lippard; Dress to impress: KI research hits the runway; Genetic road map from the Jacks laboratory reveals; potential new targets for SCLC; KI collaborators edit genes to correct genetic diseases; Biogen Idec dedicates new building to Phillip A. Sharp; AACR cancer progress report urges action; Two diseases, one drug; ACS and SU2C to jointly fund a lung cancer research dream team

Cancer Solutions 2014/41

Bhatia’s paper-based urine test for cancer, a game changer; Illuminating the science of the public galleries; Belcher's work featured in The Economist; Hynes lab identifies extracellular proteins that help tumors metastasize; Hammond joins national “We The Geeks” online STEM discussion in honor of black history month; Senior Dylan Soukup fights cancer on two fronts; Sharp calls for increased links between discovery, innovation, and entrepreneurship; Dreaming big

Cancer Solutions 2014/40

Bridge project team sets new standard for in vivo discovery of new targets for cancer immunotherapy; Sneak peek at 2014 image awards exhibition; Combining biology and engineering to improve drug discovery; Irvine’s albumin-targeted vaccines hitch a ride to the lymph nodes to boost immunity; Anderson and Langer’s nature-mimicking nanoparticles; KI faculty member Angelika Amon receives Genetics Society of America Medal; Combining forces against resistant tumors; Product-based startups: Langer’s formula; Tackling metastasis with microchips & microfluidics; MIT senior takes on cancer, hockey pucks, and more

Cancer Solutions 2014/39

Welcome 2014!; Ludwig Center receives $90M for cancer research endowment at MIT; Langer receives Breakthrough Prize; Lippard lab’s new sensor tracks zinc & cancer; MetaStat licenses KI-discovered cancer biomarkers; Langer develops nanoparticle pills; KI team addresses tumor heterogeneity; Manalis measures miniscule masses; Speeding up gene discovery

Cancer Solutions 2013/38

Teaming up to ride down cancer; KI images hit the big time at MOS; Super NOVA: KI engineers 'Make More Stuff'; Shaw goes the distance for patients; KI collaborators pen history of convergence; Yaffe finds new target for cancer combination treatment; KI's Belcher inspires, one interview at a time; Lippard's chemistry overcomes cisplatin resistance

Cancer Solutions 2013/37

Picture this; Deconinck named new KI Executive Director; Hammond knocks breast cancer down, then out; Jacks recognized by Hope Funds for cancer research; Yilmaz finds new niche at the KI; Bhatia develops urine test to detect blood clots; KI's Robert Langer and BIND Therapeutics win RUSNANOPRIZE2013; Cancer metabolism: on or off?; MIT's new innovation initiative

Cancer Solutions 2013/36

Back to school at the Koch Institute; Former MIT President Hockfield joins the KI; Koehler brings new chemistry to the Koch Institute; Ghoroghchian named newest KI clinical investigator; Hammond sets sights on ovarian cancer; Love to make drugs on demand; Irvine wraps up vaccines for improved response; All work and some play in Bhatia lab; Lees hunts cancer's genetic drivers; Collaboration develops new compounds; Tribute to a friend; Sabatini and Jacks question cancer marker; KI engineers strike gold

Cancer Solutions 2013/35

Yaffe attempts special engineering feat for KI; Much ado about nano; KI collaborators link cell growth and shape changes; Engineering-biology collaboration explains tumor drug resistance; Sisters are doin' it for ovarian cancer; Sequence matters: mTORC1 phosphorylation sites & rapamycin; Cruel Summer: Cancer hijacks heat shock factor 1; Introducing Koch-mmunity Notes

Cancer Solutions 2013/34

Summer blockbusters you haven’t heard of; Small particles hit the big screen; Cancer immunology movie marathon; A little heavy summer reading; Row your boat gently down the Charles; Pink fluffy fun for Fall; Hit the Innovation Trail - to the KI!; This ain't no armchair travel

Cancer Solutions 2013/33

Tyler Jacks among the 2013 Mass General Cancer Center's One Hundred; KI members reveal new insights into the DNA damage response; Direction, direction, direction: Sharp Lab discovers how cells read genes only in the right direction; KI welcomes new Public Outreach Coordinator; Becoming metastatic: Manalis and Jacks Labs make cell mass, stiffness, and friction count; Sabatini describes protein complex that could help predict response to cancer therapy; Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw nabs Forbes Asia cover; KI team deciphers mechanisms of nanoparticle-mediated RNA interference; Stephen Lippard wins Priestley Medal; New secrets of scaffold-assisted signaling unveiled

Cancer Solutions 2013/32

In grateful tribute; Lemelson-MIT honors KI professor Angela Belcher; Lippard receives MIT's Killian Award; KILC's Terry McGuire named Top Life Sciences Investor; David Benjamin receives competitive research grant; Chemo inside out: From predicting side effects to enhancing effectiveness; American Academy of Arts and Sciences recognizes Paula Hammond; KI researchers named fellows of the inaugural class of the AACR Academy; KI member receives one of Europe's most prestigious medical awards; Master gene regulators of normal and cancer cells discovered; A Sharp eye on Kendall Square

Cancer Solutions 2013/31

$3 Million inaugural prizes awarded to two KI members; KI Image Award winners to be revealed this month; Nanomedicine at a turning point; KI members inspire youth; Tattoo-like vaccines could replace traditional ones; HHMI profiles KI's Sangeeta Bhatia; Manipulating cells may improve monitoring

Cancer Solutions 2013/30

Robert Langer receives multiple awards; Bhatia Lab develops early detection technology; Sharp reflects on Kendall Square revitalization; Exploiting cancer cells to deliver toxic molecules; NYT highlights Langer Lab's business élan; Targeting cancer's protein folding apparatus; Former KI Executive Director Joins J&J; KI member wins 2013 Award of Excellence

Cancer Solutions 2012/29

Adhesion molecules offer potential drug targets; Ultrasound boosts transdermal drug delivery; SU2C launches pediatric dream team; Building tumor microenvironments; Advances in understanding pluripotent stem cells; High risk and high reward; New targets found for lung cancer

Cancer Solutions 2012/28

Tissue scaffolds with built-in electronic sensors; Boosting key enzyme blocks tumor formation; New nanoparticles shrink ovarian cancer tumors in mice; Engineered cells take shape; New study finds cell division linked to growth rate; "Human Body on a Chip" research

Cancer Solutions 2012/27

New Cancer Drug Candidate Shows Promise; Koch Institute Symposia 2012; Paula Hammond Changing the World; 3-D Printed Network May Help Grow Artificial Liver; Enzymes May Be Key to Fighting Colon Cancer; Nucleic Acid "Origami" Improves Delivery; Langer Honored by Society of Chemical Industry

Cancer Solutions 2012/26

New promise in treating aggressive breast cancer; Bio flash mob at the KI; Targeted nanoparticles deliver antibiotics; KI member elected to National Academy of Sciences; Two KI Members elected to AAAS; Cancer drug therapy direct to tumor; Targeted drug delivery encouraging in clinic trials

Cancer Solutions 2011/25

Unique collaboration key in attack on cancer; AAAS names Phillip Sharp President-Elect for 2013; Tiny sponge-like spheres to deliver cancer treatment; Implantable device succeeds in clinical trial; KI's Associate Director Dane Wittrup elected to NAE

Cancer Solutions 2011/24

Liver-like cells hold promise for studying patient-specific responses; Imaging technology could improve brain tumor treatment; Surprising improvement in production of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells; How cancer cells grow with limited supplies; Cima lab profiled by ABC News

Cancer Solutions 2011/23

Platelets as a "travel kit" for tumor cell migration?; Unique surface triples stem cell growth in culture; Koch Institute recognized for energy efficiency; RNA interference inhibits inflammation; National Medal of Science awarded to KI member

Cancer Solutions 2011/22

KI director to be named to National Cancer Advisory Board; Koch Institute professor named winner of The Economist's Annual Innovation Awards; Warren Alpert Foundation Prize awarded to KI member; Understanding how tumors maintain equilibrium; Molded microparticles for better drug delivery; KI members selected as 2011 ACS Fellows

Cancer Solutions 2011/21

Drug screening enhanced through tissue engineering; Using a patch may reduce the need for conventional needles; Aging reversed in yeast cells; Microfluidic chip used to measure single cell density; Nanoparticles zero in on tumor

Cancer Solutions 2011/20

KI member awarded 2012 Priestley Medal; Vulnerable breast cancer stem cells; Turning off cancer’s growth signals; Drug found to target common oncogene; Removing one amino acid could target melanoma; Removable 'cloak' helps target tumors

Cancer Solutions 2011/19

New insights into lung cancer metastasis; Stand Up 2 Cancer Dream Team summit; Targeted cancer drugs working better; Conquering cancer symposium; Lemelson student prize winner; Drug delivery nanoparticles improve

Cancer Solutions 2011/18

MIT150 Cancer Symposium; Targeting a universal cancer weakness; Institute celebrates formal opening; Nano-sized vaccines; Damon-Runyon Innovation Award; Two more KI members named to National Academy of Engineering

Cancer Solutions 2011/17

MIT150 Cancer Symposium; Koch Institute building dedication; The power of convergence; KI member to receive MGH prize

Cancer Solutions 2010/16

Nanoparticles' direct drug delivery; Bringing drugs to tumors; Turning off cancer genes; Know thy target; New target for cancer drugs

Cancer Solutions 2010/15

Cancer hiding spot revealed; Potential prostate cancer drug delivery; New Koch Institute building opens; KI member gets Deshpande Center grant; KI member receives National Medal of Science

Cancer Solutions 2010/14

Cocktail nanoparticles improve cancer treatment; Nae awards innovation prize to KI's Langer; New way to make cancer drugs, cheaper; Unexpected twist in cancer metabolism; Winning the "War on Cancer"

Cancer Solutions 2010/13

Protein discovered with prognostic potential in leukemias; Parallel detection of gene expression; Pharmacy on the back of a cell; Better way to grow stem cells; NCI SBIR workshop coming soon

Cancer Solutions 2010/12

Protein discovered with prognostic potential in AML and CML; KI launches new academic-industrial partnership; The 9th KI Annual Oncology Conference sells out; Shining a new light on cancer pathways; Untangling how cancers spread

Cancer Solutions 2010/11

Small RNAs continue to provide big surprises; "Directed evolution" may lead to new cancer drugs; KI expands international collaboration network into India; Oncogene's secret growth formula; Rapid analysis of DNA damage now possible; KI integrative approaches to cancer research

Cancer Solutions 2010/10

Another KI member elected to NAS; KI member receives AACR Foti Award; Recruiting from the microenvironment; Why cancer drugs lose their poser; "Weighing the facts" in cancer biology; KI integrative approaches to cancer research

Cancer Solutions 2010/9

Starving a tumor; Scientist of the Year from KI faculty; KI members among "hottest" researchers; KI member awarded prestigious medical prize; Charting new approaches to glioblastoma treatment

Cancer Solutions 2010/8

KI to help lead pancreatic cancer consortium; KI to host new NCI Center of Cancer Systems Biology; Cancer cell metabolism: A new drug target; 'Nano cocktail' targets tumors; Summer Symposium expects to bring top cancer experts to MIT

Cancer Solutions 2010/7

New nano-formulation advances RNAI therapeutics; Old discovery may bring new cancer therapies; Advances in pancreatic cancer research; KI member awarded Linus Pauling medal; KI Oncology Solutions Forum 2009

Cancer Solutions 2009/6

New ovarian cancer therapy continues to improve; Nano-formulation heads toward the clinic; Possible origins of pancreatic cancer revealed; Micro-RNA mediate metastasis suppression; Cancer research gets physical

Cancer Solutions 2009/5

Making cancer a manageable disease; Beyond the biopsy - tiny cancer monitor; Ultra tiny "bees" target tumors; Screening could lead to more potent drugs; New tools to target cancer stem cells

Cancer Solutions 2009/4

Fast tracking personalized cancer care; Suppressing ovarian tumor growth shows promise; Nova profiles KI's Sangeeta Bhatia; Forbes reports how cancer drug may also slow aging; The power of local delivery

Cancer Solutions 2009/3

9th annual Koch Institute Symposium targets metastasis; RNA snippet suppresses spread of breast cancer; KI faculty named amoung the top New England innovators; KI faculty members awarded SU2C Dream Team grant; SU2C award announcement on MSNBC

Cancer Solutions 2009/2

Implanted sensor can track tumor in real-time; Gold "nanorods" show promise in detection and treatment; Jacks elected to national academy of sciences; Tyler Jacks takes the helm as President of AACR; Economist reports on convergence

Cancer Solutions 2009/1

"Fuzzy Logic'" reveals cells' inner workings; New test that may predict aggressive cancer; Emerging role of artificial livers in developing new drugs; A major advance in reprogramming skin cells into stem cells; KI grad student wins Lemelson-MIT prize