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SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Cancer Nanomedicine with Sangeeta Bhatia

On December 8, the final installment of with/in/sight's fifth anniversary season featured a keynote presentation by Sangeeta Bhatia, KI faculty member, entrepreneur, and director of the new Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine. Trained as a physician and an engineer, Bhatia's unique perspective on cancer detection, treatment, and monitoring took us inside the tiny technologies that stand poised to tackle the biggest challenges in cancer research, from diagnostics to therapeutics. Following her presentation, Dr. Bhatia sat with local biotech investor and author Juan Enriquez to discuss the utility of this work, and how the Marble Center and the Koch Institute can play a role in shaping the future impact of nanomedicine and help advance research from the bench to the clinic. View photos of the event on Facebook.