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Kendall Square Convergence

Kendall Square Convergence 2016 was a full-day showcase of life science innovations coming out of Cambridge’s Kendall Square. What Silicon Valley is to bytes and chips, Kendall Square is to genes and cells: a crossroad where leading research university and hospital academics, healthcare financiers, biotechs and pharma companies converge to spur the next generation of health care solutions. At Kendall Square Convergence 2016, leading academics and biotech luminaries shared their latest breakthroughs, views of Kendall Square’s impact on patients’ lives, and their insights on the emergence of Kendall Square as a center for scientific and commercial discovery.

Opening Remarks

Andrew Lo, MIT
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Opening Keynote

The Origins and Future of Kendall Square
Phil Sharp, Koch Institute
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Session I: Gene Control Medicines for Diseases

Drugging Transcription
Rick Young, Whitehead/ KI
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Fireside Chat with Nancy Simonian (Syros Pharmaceuticals) and Rick Young (Whitehead/ KI)
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Taming a Master Regulator
Angela Koehler, Koch Institute
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Session II: Immune Engineering/Immunotherapy

Engineering the Next Generation of Cell Therapies for Cancer
Darrell Irvine, Koch Institute

Fireside Chat with Darrell Irvine (KI) and Ulrik Nielsen (Torque)

Investigating Tumor-Immune Interactions Using Genetically-Engineered Mouse Models of Cancer
Tyler Jacks, Koch Institute
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Session III: Nanomedicine

Nanolayered Delivery Packages - From Wound Healing to Cancer
Paula Hammond, Koch Institute
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Fireside Chat with Paula Hammond (KI) and Ken Mandell (LayerBio)
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Using Deep Vision to Detect Tiny Ovarian Tumors
Angela Belcher, Koch Institute
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Session IV: Common Health Challenges and Uncommon Solutions

Convergence, Biomaterials and Biotechnology: From the Discovery of the First Angiogenesis Inhibitors to the Development of Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and the Foundation of Tissue Engineering
Robert Langer, Koch Institute
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Fireside Chat with Robert Langer (KI) and Terry McGuire (Polaris Partners)
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From Bugs to Drugs: Lessons Learned from Fecal Microbiome Transplants in Recurrent Clostridium Difficule Infection
Eric Alm, MIT
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Closing Keynote

Science-Based Innovation and Venture Creation - Reinventing the Biotech Value Chain
Noubar Afeyan, Flagship Ventures
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