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Koch Institute at MIT Cancer Briefing 2008

The Third Revolution in Health Care Research: Integration of Engineering and Cancer Biology

Thursday, March 6, 2008
Broad Institute Auditorium
7 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

We are entering the "Third Revolution" in healthcare research – an era that will integrate engineering skills with an ever expanding understanding of the molecular details of disease. The first revolution was the development of molecular biology, beginning with the discovery by Watson and Crick of the structure of DNA, followed by the genomics revolution capped by the completion of the sequence of the human genome. During this MIT briefing, the faculty of the David H. Koch Institute and their colleagues will describe how their specific research collaborations combining biological investigation with engineering technology and the Third Revolution in general will close the gap in the war on cancer. This exciting new era could be the one that brings the goal of controlling cancer for good within reach.

The Koch Institute: Redesigning MIT's Fight on Cancer

Tyler Jacks
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9 out of 10: Why Metastasis Kills

Frank Gertler
Tyler Jacks
Robert Weinberg*

Why Cancer Drugs Stop Working

Michael Hemann*
David Housman
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Drawing the Wiring Diagram of Cancer

Nancy Hopkins
Jacqueline Lees
Forest White
Michael Yaffe*
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The Big Impact of (Very) Small Science

Robert Langer*
Scott Manalis
Phillip Sharp*
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Search and Destroy: Triggering the Immune Response

Paula Hammond
Darrell Irvine*
Dane Wittrup
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Press Conference:  Q&A with Tyler Jacks

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*Session leader