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The Comings and Goings of KI Faculty Members

The Koch Institute bids a fond farewell to members Stephen Lippard and Leona Samson in their retirement, and welcomes Bradley Pentelute to the KI fold.

Samson, who has been a cancer researcher for more than 40 years, joined the MIT faculty in 2001, where she has held appointments in the departments of Biology and Biological Engineering. Her work has focused on DNA repair; now, in retirement, she will alternate between Oxford, England and Cambridge, Massachusetts — we sincerely hope she won't be a stranger!

Lippard, who completed his PhD at MIT in 1965 and has been a professor in the Department of Chemistry since 1983, is now the Arthur Amos Noyes Professor Emeritus. Koch Institute devotees are familiar with Lippard's work as "the father of bioinorganic chemistry," and his efforts to find new medicines for cancer. He will no doubt remain active at the Institute through the annual Lippard Lecture, held in honor of his late wife Judith Ann Lippard.

New extramural faculty member, Pentelute, an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, is inspired by biopolymers found in nature. His lab aims to invent new chemistry to modify proteins to enhance their therapeutic properties for human medicine. Pentelute joined the MIT faculty in 2011, received tenure in 2017, and joins KI members Stefani Spranger and Eliezer Calo as the newest faculty members of the Koch Institute family. Welcome, all!