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Pleading Immunotherapy

In addition to being one of the KI’s five focus areas since its inception, cancer immunology and immunotherapy have been oncology’s hottest topics for the past 3 years. Two recent events hosted by the KI explored recent advances in these fields. In early May, KI faculty members Darrell Irvine and Dane Wittrup brought together biological, chemical, and materials engineers for “Engineering Immunity,” a two-day symposium to explore how engineers, immunologists, and clinicians can work together to put immunotherapy into practice. Later in May, KI director Tyler Jacks presented a public-facing “Masterclass” as part of the KI’s ongoing with/in/sight lecture series. The evening, which included hands-on demonstrations by members of the Jacks and Irvine laboratories, was the third of five dedicated events focusing on the KI’s focus areas in our fifth anniversary year. Read more, view pictures and presentation here.