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Pearls Before STEM

“If you’re wearing pearls today,” KI faculty member Angela Belcher told the crowd assembled at the KI for “The Science of Gender and the Gender of Science", “you’re wearing a biocomposite nanomaterial.” Belcher and fellow KI faculty member Angela Koehler presented their work and professional experiences as part of Cell Press’s LabLinks event on May 19. The day’s lecture and discussion sessions, which began with a welcome and call to action by KI Executive Director Anne Deconinck, ranged from protein engineering, endocrinology, and reproduction to diversity, lab culture, and the pay gap, and did not shy away from difficult questions affecting women and men alike. The event was co-hosted by the Association for Women in Science. Learn more about the motivation behind this meeting and catch highlights on Twitter. You can also explore contributions by KI members and meeting participants to Cell Metabolism's Rosie Project (subscription required).