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Lippard Named 2016 Welch Award in Chemistry Recipient

Stephen Lippard is widely considered to be one of the “founding fathers” of bioinorganic chemistry

Stephen Lippard, KI extramural faculty member and the Arthur Amos Noyes Professor at MIT, has been honored as a 2016 Welch Award in Chemistry Recipient. The award is given to those who have made important chemical research contributions which have a significant, positive influence on mankind. Lippard was selected for his many extraordinary accomplishments; a notable one being his contribution to research that involves the role of metal ions in biological systems, which allowed deep understanding of the inner workings of the drug, cisplatin. Thanks in large part to Lippard’s findings and his attention to important clinical issues such as drug design and delivery, cisplatin is now a widely used antitumor agent, with a particularly impressive success rate in the treatment of testicular cancer. Learn more about Lippard's accomplishments and the Welch Award in Chemistry.