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KI Director Tyler Jacks recently spoke with Carolyn Johnson of The Washington Post about the importance of both prevention and treatment in the fight against cancer.

Our upcoming annual KI Summer Symposium (KISS) will focus on these topics, which we view as the next crucial phase of cancer research. As much as 70% of cancer worldwide may be preventable. Despite enormous progress in treatment, it is likely that the greatest reduction in cancer deaths to date is the result of cancer prevention and early detection. New technologies, combined with advances in our understanding of the genetics and cell biology of cancer, are likely to further reduce the burden of cancer through simpler, less expensive, more precise, and more efficient approaches.

Dovetailing with the emphasis on catching cancer early or preventing it altogether, the KI sponsored three prizes for cancer prevention and early detection at MIT Hacking Medicine’s Grand Hack. This year's Hack included 400 participants from 260 institutions and 19 countries who worked together, and in just 48 hours, developed and presented more than 70 inspiring Hacks. We are proud of the KI trainees actively involved in Hackathons, especially Chris Lee, Katerina Mantzavinou, Khalil Ramadi, and Monica Stanciu. See pictures from the event.