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Artsy bacteria spread science

Fresh on the heels of a top-five finish in Fashion Descience’s fall contest, bioengineer Tal Danino continues to use art as a medium to share his research. Danino, a postdoc in the KI’s Bhatia Lab and a recently named TED2015 Fellow, met MIT visiting artist Vik Muniz two years ago, kicking off an unlikely partnership. Their work ultimately resulted in the Colonies series, a translation of cancer cells and bacteria into art. Now, a piece from the series—a mosaic of liver cells infected with smallpox vaccine—is featured as part of the Gates Foundation’s “The Art of Saving a Life” campaign, which uses art to tell stories depicting the successes and future promises of immunization. Danino’s collaboration has been featured extensively in the press, including in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and Wired.