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The KI has been turning heads in Cambridge’s thriving biotech community this spring. On June 5, the KI hosted a TEDxCambridge simulcast and the evening's Innovation Lab, which showcased new technologies by local innovators. Among the featured exhibitors were the Manalis and Belcher Labs, sharing new tools and devices for cancer detection and analysis with guests from all three host venues. Several hundred visitors passed through the KI Public Galleries and auditorium that night, generating buzz, tweets, and new insights about the intersection of science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. The event was such a success (see photos here) that we’ll be doing it all over again on Sept. 12. TEDxCambridge will open the ticket application process later this summer, but in the meantime you can always join one of the new Innovations of Cambridge tours, which offer insights into the latest, greatest discoveries coming out of Kendall Square and MIT (and yes, Harvard too…). The KI is, of course, a featured stop, full of stories about science, engineering, entrepreneurship, and stormtroopers. These are definitely the innovators you’re looking for.