How Are Cancer Researchers Fighting COVID-19? (Part I)

This virtual event (Zoom Webinar) offers insight into the current research of MIT investigators who have taken existing projects and pivoted their technology and approaches to focus on urgent and pressing needs related to the COVID-19 crisis. With an introduction by KI director Tyler Jacks, researchers will share their projects addressing PPE, diagnostics, and vaccine development. After each presentation, a brief moderated Q&A session will allow participants to learn more about the science and understand how the Koch Institute’s flexible, collaborative research models allow for rapid response and agility across the biomedical landscape. 


Angela Belcher, PhD

James Mason Crafts Professor
Head of the Department of Biological Engineering

Novel materials for PPE
(Video unavailable)

Salil Garg, MD, PhD

Charles W. (1955) and Jennifer C. Johnson Clinical Investigator
Diagnostics for test-and-trace

Hojun Li, MD, PhD

Charles W. (1955) and Jennifer C. Johnson Clinical Investigator
On-demand protective immunity testing

J. Christopher Love, PhD

Raymond A. (1921) and Helen E. St. Laurent Professor of Chemical Engineering
Scalable and accessible vaccine development

Moderated by Tyler Jacks, PhD

Director, Koch Institute
David H. Koch Professor of Biology

Watch Part II of this series:

Presented on June 29, 2020