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Systems & Engineering Approaches to Cancer

With a clear focus on systems and engineering approaches for cancer therapy and diagnostics, Program 3 can be subdivided into three overlapping, and complementary, themes: 1) New methods for early detection, 2) Novel therapeutics and delivery strategies, and 3) Biomarkers and systems-based approaches to guide personalized medicine. The overarching goals for these three themes are summarized by the following questions: Are there new technologies or big data and associated methods of its analysis, including machine learning, that can be used to facilitate the early detection of tumors or tumor recurrence in vivo? Can we devise improved delivery mechanisms to enhance uptake of drugs either into the tumors or can we target particular cells in the microenvironment to modulate the response? Can we find new ways to combine immunomodulatory agents with conventional chemotherapeutics (in work done in collaboration with Program 2)? Can we identify novel vulnerabilities and synthetic lethal combinations that are particular to tumor cells? Can we then leverage the dynamics of signaling events within cancers in order to create custom therapeutics? And finally, can we develop the devices and approaches that will identify which patients will respond to these novel treatment options?


Scott Manalis and Michael B. Yaffe, Program Leaders
Angela Koehler, Associate Program Leader
Daniel G. Anderson
Regina Barzilay
Angela Belcher
Sangeeta N. Bhatia
Paul Blainey
Michael Cima
Patrick Doyle
Elazer Edelman
Linda G. Griffith
Paula T. Hammond
Michael T. Hemann
Jeremiah Johnson
Amy Keating
Robert S. Langer
Douglas A. Lauffenburger
Harvey F. Lodish
Bradley Pentelute
Ron Raines
Ram Sasisekharan
Graham Walker
Forest M. White