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Cancer Biology & Immunology

Program 2 combines members from all three of our prior programs: 1) Molecular Genetics and Immunology, 2) Cancer Biology and 3) Cell and Systems Biology. The restructured Program 2 reflects the evolution of cancer research in our highly interactive Cancer Center; membership is based on current and future common research interests focusing on the central themes of tumor biology and immune responses to cancer. This reorganization reflects the increasing convergence of the different areas of research and the increased recognition that tumor-intrinsic components interact closely with tumor-extrinsic elements of the microenvironment to affect tumor progression and metastasis. This program focuses on the cellular and molecular biology of tumors with strong emphases on mechanisms of metastasis and on immune responses to cancer. The current research in Program 2 can be subdivided into three overlapping and complementary themes: 1) cancer biology, 2) cancer immunology and 3) immune engineering. The Program builds on preexisting collaborations, enriched by the recruitment of additional new investigators with specific interests in immune responses to tumors.


Richard O. Hynes and  K. Dane Wittrup, Program Leaders
Stefani Spranger, Associate Program Leader
Angelika Amon
Michael Birnbaum
Jianzhu Chen
Leonard P. Guarente
H. Robert Horvitz
Darrell J. Irvine
Tyler Jacks
Roger Kamm
Laura Kiessling
Jacqueline A. Lees
Robert A. Weinberg
Ömer Yilmaz