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Molecular Genetics
and Immunology

The central objective of the Molecular Genetics and Immunology Program is to investigate processes related to cancer from the perspectives of gene regulation and immune recognition. The core of the Program is to define cellular states in order to understand how these states are related to the development and control of cancer. Some of the major themes of the Program are: systems biology of mammalian cell states, the roles of microRNAs and other non-coding RNAs in regulation of gene expression, processes controlling gene expression during aging and their relationships to development of cancer, T-cell development and homeostasis, control of immune responses to tumors, development of memory T cells, presentation of cellular antigens to the T-cell system, and use of protein domains from the immune system to target cancer cells.


Phillip A. Sharp and K. Dane Wittrup, Program Leaders
Ed Boyden
Laurie Boyer
Christopher Burge
Eliezer Calo
Jianzhu Chen
David Housman
Darrell J. Irvine
Rudolf Jaenisch
Eric Lander
Harvey F. Lodish
J. Christopher Love
David Page
Aviv Regev
Stefani Spranger
Ron Weiss
Richard Young