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As a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated center of excellence for over four decades, MIT has been at the center of the nation's efforts to conquer cancer. The wealth of fundamental discoveries that emerged under the aegis of Koch Institute-predecessor, the MIT Center for Cancer Research, have helped shape the face of today's rapid progress. Applying our great strengths in science and technology, and working closely with our clinical collaborators, we remain committed to unraveling the complexities of this disease and bringing new discoveries to patients.

Program 1: Molecular Genetics and Immunology

Program Co-Leaders: Phillip A. Sharp, K. Dane Wittrup
Members: Michael Birnbaum, Ed Boyden, Laurie Boyer, Christopher Burge, Eliezer Calo, Jianzhu Chen, David Housman, Darrell J. Irvine, Rudolf Jaenisch, Eric Lander, Harvey F. Lodish, J. Christopher Love, David Page, Hidde Ploegh, Aviv Regev,  Stefani Spranger, Ron Weiss, Richard Young
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Program 2: Cancer Biology

Program Co-Leaders: Angelika Amon, Matthew Vander Heiden
Members: Stephen P. Bell, Leonard P. Guarente, H. Robert Horvitz, Tyler Jacks, Jacqueline A. Lees, David Sabatini, Ömer Yilmaz
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Program 3: Cell and Systems Biology

Program Co-Leaders: Richard O. Hynes, Michael B. Yaffe
Members: Frank B. Gertler, Piyush Gupta, Michael T. Hemann, Roger Kamm, Angela Koehler, Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Graham Walker, Robert A. Weinberg, Forest M. White
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Program 4: Engineering Science and Technology

Program Co-Leaders: Robert S. Langer, Scott Manalis
Members: Daniel Anderson, Regina Barzilay, Angela Belcher, Paul Blainey, Sangeeta N. Bhatia, Michael Cima, Patrick S. Doyle, Elazer Edelman, Linda G. Griffith, Paula T. Hammond, Jeremiah Johnson, Amy Keating, Timothy K. Lu, Bradley Pentelute, Ram Sasisekharan, Alex Shalek
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