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Frontier Research Program

Creative exploration at the leading edge of cancer research has often led to important, transformative new discoveries that themselves can lead to major improvements in patient care. Yet early-stage ideas all too often do not qualify for funding from traditional government sources. The Koch Institute is deeply committed to supporting boldly conceived, highly innovative, and highly collaborative research proposals from our faculty.

The Koch Institute Frontier Research Program is already supporting exciting interdisciplinary investigations. These initial projects supported by the Koch Institute represent an investment in the future, and highlight the far-reaching vision of our faculty.

Ongoing projects include:

  • A genetic marker for metastatic breast cancers that has been licensed for the development of clinical diagnostic tests
  • New devices and treatments to more safely and effectively deliver chemotherapy to ovarian cancer patients
  • Injectable nanoparticles that create urinary biomarkers to reveal the presence and type of cancer
  • A simple, staggered drug delivery regimen to increase the effectiveness of current therapies for aggressive triple- negative breast cancer
  • An imaging system for early detection and surgical resection, that is capable of revealing tiny, deep-seated tumors smaller than a millimeter

The Koch Institute Frontier Research Program is made possible through contributions from friends and supporters to the Koch Institute Frontier Research Fund.