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Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine

The Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine (website) brings together leading faculty from the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research to focus on grand challenges in cancer detection, treatment, and monitoring that could benefit from the emerging biology and physics of the nanoscale.

Marble Center members are collaborating on a wide variety of efforts, from detecting cancer earlier than existing methods allow, to harnessing the immune system to fight cancer even as it evolves, to exploiting therapeutic insights from cancer genomics in order to design therapies for previously undruggable targets, to combining existing drugs for synergistic action, to creating tools for better surgical intervention.

The Marble Center faculty is committed to fighting cancer with nanomedicine—through research, education, and collaboration. The Center’s Incubator Fund will help bridge the gulf between the lab and the patient, helping to support the significant clinical testing required to advance research from the bench to the marketplace. The Center’s competitive fellowship program is designed to attract the very best graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, and prepare them for careers in nanomedicine.

Convergence—the blending of life and physical sciences, and engineering—is a hallmark of MIT, the founding principle of the Koch Institute, and the heart of the Marble Center’s mission.  By galvanizing the MIT cancer research communities, and the larger Boston clinical oncology community, the Marble Center will help to revolutionize cancer diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine Faculty

Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD, Inaugural Scientific Director

Dan Anderson, PhD

Angela Belcher, PhD

Paula Hammond, PhD

Darrell Irvine, PhD

Bob Langer, PhD

For information on the Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine, please visit the website or contact Sara Hellmold: 617-253-3936 |