Full Service (Assisted basis)

  • High resolution analytical TEM imaging for chemical analysis using EDS, EELS and STEM.
  • Cryo preparation of hydrated samples for TEM imaging.
  • Cryo-TEM imaging for elucidating the high resolution structure of radiation-sensitive specimens or cryo-preserved hydrated specimens.

Self Service (24/7 access)

  • Particle size characterization of biological macromolecular assemblies and nano-particles from 0.5 – 1000 nm.
  • Rheometric analysis of liquid, suspension or slurry specimen response to applied forces.
  • High resolution atomic force microscopy for specimen surface imaging and characterization.
  • Viscoelastic property analysis of polymers and other materials.
  • HPLC access for short term HPLC-intensive projects.
  • DNA and RNA oligo analysis and purification.