Services & Fees


Basic assistance, experimental guidance, and image data processing for all available imaging platforms, including: light and immunofluorescence imaging, confocal and TIRF imaging, electron microscopy, in situ DNA hybridization (SKY and FISH) and laser capture microdissection (LCM) experiments


Training or assisted work on all microscopes and imaging systems

Training in the use of any imaging platform, including image acquisition and processing software, is available and required for all new users. Staff-conducted experimental work on investigator-submitted samples may be arranged in advance.

Fee: $ 55/hr

Unassisted use of facility instruments

All facility instruments are available for self-use after an initial training and orientation session provided by the facility manager; scheduling is via TechTime resource calendars for each instrument.


  • $30/hr - DeltaVision, Nikon spinning head confocal, LCM, and SKY microscopes
  • $10/hr - Zeiss microscope, Linux workstation

Sample preparation for Spectral Karyotyping (SKY) and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Fee: upon request (direct enquiries to Facility Manager, Eliza Vasile)

Electron microscopy and immunoelectron microscopy services

Services currently available on a limited basis.
Fee: upon request (direct enquiries to Facility Manager, Eliza Vasile)


Please note: rates are set periodically, based on operating costs and in accordance with MIT and NCI policies. They are reviewed and approved annually by the MIT Office of Cost Analysis. Services are billed at the rate listed on the date of service delivery. Fees listed above represent base rates; additional surcharges (50%) will be applied for non-KI and KI-extramural investigators.