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National Cancer Institute

The Hope Babette Tang (1983) Histology Facility


The Hope Babette Tang (1983) Histology Facility has been established to assist the investigator in producing quality histological slides. Access is available to all members of the MIT community, to the extent permitted by available capacity. Priority access is given to KI members, NCI-funded research projects and other contributing user groups in recognition of funding support.

We have the equipment and expertise to produce sections from frozen, paraffin-embedded, and resin-embedded tissues. We can produce routine hematoxylin and eosin stained slides and special stains, and can provide assistance to investigators performing immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and in-situ hybridization.

With these tools, the investigator will be better able to evaluate the pathologic consequences of various mutations or treatments.

Please take a few minutes to read through this information and complete a requisition (the standard form, the form for special stains, or the form for immunohistochemical stains) before bringing your specimens to the Tang Histology Facility.


The Histology Core is supported in part by funding provided to the Koch Institute from a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant.