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The Barbara K. Ostrom (1978) Bioinformatics & Computing Facility 


The Barbara K. Ostrom (1978) Bioinformatics & Computing Facility provides Koch Institute researchers with assistance and training in a wide range of bioinformatics related topics. Access is typically reserved for KI members. In some circumstances, access may be available to non-member MIT users (details available on request from the Facility Coordinator).

Examples include assistance with experimental design and subsequent analysis of next-generation sequencing (Illumina platform) and microarray experiments, genome annotation projects and other sequence and phylogenetic analysis applications. The Core also provides Koch Institute members with critical data backup as well as installation and maintenance of desktop hardware and a variety of software, including scientific applications.

Additional information is available on the Barbara K. Ostrom (1978) Bioinformatics & Computing Facility's website.


The Bioinformatics & Computing Core is supported in part by funding provided to the Koch Institute from a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant.