Clinical Investigators and Fellows

The Koch Clinical Investigator program provides physician-scientists a unique opportunity to participate in cutting-edge cancer research while continuing clinical work at oncology treatment centers in the Boston area. The investigators' dual role ensures that they remain involved in clinical practice, which in turn benefits KI researchers by providing a front-line view of clinical challenges in cancer treatment.

The selected individuals receive dedicated lab space and research support for their three- to five-year appointment, and work closely with faculty mentors at the Koch Institute. They spend between 10 and 50 percent of their time treating patients. Current Clinical Investigators are Scott Floyd, Peter Ghoroghchian, and Alice Shaw.

Koch Institute Research Fellows are early career scientists with independent funding. Tthe KI makes a serious committment to its Research Fellows by providing separate lab space, access to equipment and resources, and mentoring opportunities. Current KI Research Fellows are Aaron Meyer and Eric Wang.

Scott Floyd Scott Floyd

Peter Ghoroghchian Peter Ghoroghchian

Aaron Meyer Aaron Meyer

Eric Wang Eric Wang