MIT150 Symposium

Conquering Cancer through the Convergence of Science and Engineering

Leading cancer researchers reflected on past achievements and prospects for the future of cancer treatment during a special MIT symposium on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. The event, one of six academic symposia held as part of MIT's 150th anniversary, focused on the Institute's role in studying the disease over the past 36 years since the founding of MIT's Center for Cancer Research. Individual presentations and panel discussions focused on three topics: What were the defining (and teaching) moments in the first three decades of the War on Cancer? How is convergence changing the cancer research paradigm at MIT? What clinical results can we expect to come from the deployment of new approaches to cancer research?

Session 1: Reflections on Major Milestones in Cancer Research and Technology Development

Opening and Welcome (David A. Mindell; Susan Hockfield; Tyler Jacks); Session 1 (Nancy H. Hopkins, Chair; Phillip A. Sharp; Jackqueline A. Lees; Robert S. Langer; group discussion including Michael Goldberg). watch...

Session 2: Engineering Solutions to the Problems of Cancer

Session 2 (Paula T. Hammond, chair; Sangeeta N. Bhatia; 
Joseph DeSimone
; Douglas A. Lauffenburger; group discussion including Rebecca Ladewski). watch...

Session 3: Paradigm Shifts: From Biology to Technology to Medical Applications

Session 3 (Richard O. Hynes, chair; Eric S. Lander; Lee Hood; Susan L. Lindquist; group discussion including Duaa Mohammad). watch...

Session 4: Personalized Cancer Care

Session 4 (Michael B. Yaffe, chair; Michael T. Hemann; David M. Livingston
Daniel A. Haber; group discussion including Corbin Meacham); Closing comments (Tyler Jacks). watch...