Student Outreach Programs

The Koch Institute is committed to fostering an interest in science and engineering in young people.  As part of this mission, we invite groups of middle and high school students to visit our facilities, meet researchers who work every day to solve the cancer problem, and learn interactively about the science and technology of cancer research.

Koch Institute outreach programs typically last 90 minutes and are open to groups of up to 50 students at a time.  We are proud to offer our outreach programs free of charge. Programs include:

  • Introductory discussion: "What Is Cancer?"
  • Tours of Koch Institute laboratories led by cancer researchers (for students ages 12 and older, subject to researcher availability)
  • Hands-on classroom activities based on current cancer research projects
  • Guided tours of the educational exhibits in the Koch Institute Public Galleries
  • Facility tour featuring research highlights from selected laboratories (available when lab tours are not available)
  • Kinesthetic re-enactments of cutting-edge cancer treatments (ideal for larger groups, weather permitting)
  • Presentations and/or career discussions with Koch Institute graduate students, technicians, postdocs, and undergrads

Visits to the Koch Institute can optionally be paired with other activities at MIT, including hands-on workshops at the MIT Museum. In particular, we recommend:

  • LEGO DNA workshops developed by the MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences: Students use interactive tools, videos and unique LEGO DNA Kits to obtain an intuitive understanding of how DNA directs the assembly of proteins and how environmental agents can affect DNA and human health.
  • Visualizing Science: Students use hands-on inquiry and observation techniques to make connections between microscopic explorations of size, scale, and structure and a variety of nanoscience and technology projects at MIT, including work by the Koch Institute's own cancer researchers.

To schedule a free outreach program at the Koch Institute or to request additional information, please contact us at Our capacity is limited, so we recommend reaching out early to reserve a spot. Please note that summer 2015 outreach programs will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only.