2016 Poster

Koch Institute Image Awards

KI Public Galleries

About the Competition

The Koch Institute Image Awards seek to recognize the extraordinary visuals that are produced through life sciences and biomedical research. Such images serve as windows into otherwise invisible biological worlds. They exemplify the exchange of ideas between science and engineering – an interplay that is integral to the Koch Institute's approach to cancer research. Simply put, these visuals are beautiful and thought-provoking.

Winning images will be exhibited in the large (nearly 8-foot) backlit square and circular displays at the Koch Institute Public Galleries. The images will be prominently visible to passersby on Main Street and visitors to the Koch Institute website.  Materials within the Galleries and on the web will also engage visitors in the stories, people, and research behind the images.

See previous winners (and runners-up!) at ki-galleries.mit.edu.


The (new, extended) deadline for the 2016 Image Awards competition is October 26, 2015, though earlier submission is greatly appreciated. Winners will be notified by the close of the fall semester and the new exhibition will open in spring 2016, coinciding with the celebration of MIT 2016 and the fifth anniversary of the KI Public Galleries. See below for more details about submitting images aligned with these celebrations.


Any MIT students, faculty, staff, or affiliates may submit images. MIT community members at the Broad Institute and the Whitehead Institute are also eligible, as are MIT collaborators at other universities, hospitals, and private companies.

Submissions may be any visuals generated through the contributor’s own research, including micrographs, renderings, and any other forms of data. Submissions must relate to the life sciences, but may do so by depicting any number of subjects using any number of imaging/visualization technologies. High resolution images are required for display in the Public Galleries.

Each contributor may submit no more than five images during each competitive cycle. Image release and copyright disclosure forms will be required of all winners.

Enter the Competition

To enter, send your image(s) and the accompanying image information form(s) to kigalleries@mit.edu. Please provide the highest resolution version of your image(s) whenever possible, preferably in uncompressed .tif format (Dropbox links accepted). Do NOT upsample. Images with insufficient resolution will not be presented to the judges for review. Historically speaking, it has been very difficult to produce museum-quality display from images less than 1024 pixels on a side; however, the most successful enlargements have come from images with 2400-3000 or more pixels on a side (8-10 inches at 300 dpi).

New for 2016

The 2016 Image Awards exhibition will be featured as part of the celebration of MIT 2016 and the fifth anniversary of the KI Public Galleries. As such, we are particularly interested in images that exemplify such themes as the KI's five research focus areas, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the MIT experience. See image information form for further details, but do not let these themes limit your submissions. Above all, we are looking for visually impressive images that tell a compelling science story.