The Koch Institute is a commitment to a new era of cancer research.  On our campus, we bring together scientists and engineers to solve the riddles of cancer.   Beyond on our campus, we collaborate with clinicians and industrial partners to translate innovation rapidly, for the benefit of patients. 

Our community includes generous donors whose lives have been touched by cancer and students who will bring our paradigm for cancer research into institutes and centers around the world.

And our community includes everyone who lives and works in the greater Boston area.  We invite the public to visit our Galleries on the ground floor of the Koch Institute.  Here, we have put our endeavors in context, give voices to our community members and inscribe our goals.

Learn more about the many facets of our approach to cancer research:

Video: Conquering Cancer Together

MIT150 documentary presented at The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Dedication Ceremony, March 4, 2011.