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The Microscopy Core Facility provides experimental consultation, fee-for-service imaging assistance, and training in and access to several imaging platforms, image acquisition equipment, and data analysis software packages. Access is typically reserved for KI members. In some circumstances, access may be available to non-member MIT or external users (details available on request from the Scientific Director, Jeffrey Kuhn).

Services include:

  • light and epifluorescence microscopy
  • deconvolution-based microscopy for sensitive, high-resolution fluorescence imaging
  • 3D structured illumination microscopy
  • spinning disk confocal microscopy
  • scanning confocal microscopy
  • multiphoton scanning confocal microscopy and intravital imaging
  • total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy
  • advanced fluorescence microscopy (FRAP- fluorescence recovery after bleaching, FRET- fluorescence resonance energy transfer, photo-recovery)
  • laser capture microdissection
  • Instructions for accessing the Core may be found here.

The Microscopy Core is supported in part by funding provided to the Koch Institute from a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant.

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