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How to Make Hot Probes for Your Southern

1. Prepare reaction cocktail on ice:

2.5 uL 0.5 mM 3dNTP mix (no dATP) (NEB #N0446S)
2.5 uL 10X Klenow Buffer supplied with Klenow order
5.0 uL 3000 Ci/mmol α32P dATP your radioactive supplier
1.0 uL Klenow (3 to 8 units) (NEB #M0210S)
11 uL /rxn

2. Combine your probe (30 to 100 ng) with random 9mers (1 to 5 ug, from NEB #S1254S) in total volume of 14 uL. USE A SCEW-CAP EPPENDORF or an eppendorf clamp to prevent an explosion of radioactive material while boiling in the Denaturing step!!!

2-3 uL DNA probe  
5 uL 1 ug/uL 9mer (NEB #S1254S)
6-7 uL water  
14 uL /rxn

Denature by boiling (make sure cap is secure) for 2 to 3 minutes (using boil beads is easiest), spin down, then place on ice.

3. Add 11 uL of the reaction mix from Step 1 to the denatured DNA (final volume 25 uL) and incubate 37°C for 30 minutes.

4. Stop reaction by adding:

1 uL 0.5 M EDTA  
3 uL 10 mg/ml tRNA (Ambion #7119)
100 uL TE buffer  

5. Remove unicorporated labelled nucleotides with ProbeQuant G-50 Microcolumns. (GE Healthcare -formerly Amersham- # 27-5335-01 for a box of 50 columns).