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PicoCell: Integrated system for multispectral imaging cytometry and cell picking

An in-house system developed in the Love Laboratory. It performs multispectral (12+ channels) fluorescent imaging cytometry on nanowell devices or multiwell plates. It also automatically detects cells of interest and picks them into individual tubes if needed by the user.


Tecan HS 400 Pro Hybridization Station: Automated microarray slide processing


The HS 400 Pro Hybridization Station is an automated microarray processing system used during microengraving to process functionalized slides for pre-hybridization with an antibody, incorporating an automated nitrogen drying step. Liquid agitation during hybridization increases sensitivity, stringency and uniformity, and enables reduction of hybridization times. Comprehensive technology minimizes risk of hybridization artifacts, inter-slide segment carry-over and enhances consistency of results.


Molecular Devices Genepix 4200 Microarray Scanner: Fluorescence imaging with 4-laser excitation



This system includes a laser with up to four excitation-wavelengths and sixteen emission-wavelength filters, allowing detection of a wide variety of fluorophores. It provides a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution for the acquisition and analysis of data from all types of arrays, including nucleic acids, proteins, tissues, and cells.

Available lasers: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow (635, 488, 635a, and 594 nm)


CellCelector: Automated single cell transfer



The CellCelector (Automated Lab Solutions, Germany) is a freely configurable tool for the automated transfer of single cells and cell colonies. It combines a robotic micromanipulator and image processing software to ensure the integrity and the survival rate of the cells. It can also be used for transfer of regions of interest from histological tissue samples (healthy or necrotic).