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JEOL 2100 FEG TEM – Analytical and Cryo
This high-resolution analytical electron microscope can operate at 120kV and at 200kV. It is capable of an ultimate point-to-point resolution of 0.23nm, with the ability to image lattice fringes at 0.1 nm resolution. For superior chemical analysis the microscope is equipped with EDX and GIF systems as well as Gatan HAADF, BF/DF detectors for STEM imaging (at 0.2nm Lattice resolution). This instrument can run in Cryo mode allowing researchers to image hydrated cryo-preserved samples, such as dispersed biological macromolecular assemblies and nano-particles in their native environment, eliminating the structural deformation resulting from the drying process of standard TEM sample preparation.

930 Gatan Cryo-Plunge3
A semi-automatic plunge freezing instrument for the preparation of frozen hydrated specimens for cryoTEM imaging

626 Liquid Nitrogen Single Tilt Holder
This holder is designed for low temperature transfer and subsequent recording of electron beam sensitive, frozen hydrated specimens in the TEM.

Veeco Multimode 8 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
The Multimode 8 AFM is capable of multiple modes of scanning probe atomic force microscopy including Peak Force Tapping Mode, Contact Mode, and Standard Tapping mode. The instrument can be outfitted with a liquid cell if provided by the user. Simple operation of the Multimode 8 is enabled using the ScanAsyst software which automatically sets the feedback control for the user to optimize scanning performance (i.e. no tuning required). This minimizes the learning curve on the device substantially. The Multimode 8 computer is also outfitted with a comprehensive image analysis software package that will provide publication-quality images. 

Wyatt Dyna Pro Plate Reader - Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
High throughput particle sizing measurements of macromolecules ranging from 0.5 nm to 1 micron, under dilute solution conditions. The DynaPro utilizes an 850 nm laser and is equipped to run noninvasive measurements on 50 uL samples in a 384 well plate.  

TA Instruments Advanced Rheometer 2000
The AR2000 design includes a unique ultra-low inertia drag cup motor and porous carbon air bearings for outstanding controlled stress, direct strain and controlled rate performance. The device is suitable for testing of viscous fluids, melts, reactive materials and solids. Several different geometries are available depending on your sample material. Instrument is equipped with a peltier stage for temperature ramped measurements.

Q800 TA Instrument - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Useful for characterizing the viscoelastic properties of polymers and other materials. By applying a sinusoidal stress to a material, the strain can be measured, allowing one to determine the complex modulus. The temperature of the sample or the frequency of the stress can be varied, leading to variations in the complex modulus; this approach can be used to locate the glass transition temperature of the material, as well as to identify transitions corresponding to other molecular motions.  This instrument utilizes state of the art, non-contact, linear drive technology to provide precise control of stress, and air bearings for low friction support. Strain is measured using optical encoder technology that provides sensitivity and resolution. Force range of 0.0001-18 N.

Agilent 1100 HPLC – Nucleic Acids Dedicated
HPLC dedicated to nucleic acid use only using RNase and DNase free buffer gradients. Column, DNase and RNase free mobile phases, and sterile collection tubes provided. The instrument has an automated sample injector, a temperature controlled fraction collector, and a UV detector. The automated sample injector allows the rapid analysis of many nucleic acids samples. The dedicated 2.5 um particle column is optimized for DNA and RNA separation and can be used to purify up to 4.5 mg of nucleic acid in a single run.

Agilent 1100 HPLC – Monthly Rental
This instrument facilitates short term HPLC intensive projects where labs need HPLC access for a few weeks to several months but do not want to invest in an HPLC because it is not required for long term use. Column and mobile phases must be provided by user. This is an analytical instrument with an automated sample injector to facilitate loading many samples, which can be left to run unattended. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 10mL/min. This instrument uses a UV detector.