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The following fee schedule is in effect as of July 1, 2020. 

Imaging System Service Type KI Member
(per hour)
(per hour)
JEOL 2100F
TEM Assisted Service $89 $178
Cryo-TEM Assisted Service $111 $222
Training $119 $150
Independent use $75 $75
FEI Tecnai Spirit (TEM) Assisted Service $79 $158
Training $79 $158

Zeiss Crossbeam 540

RT SEM Assisted $93 $187
RT SEM Training $93 $150
RT SEM Independent use $75 $75
Cryo-SEM Assisted Service $116 $231
Zeiss Airyscan LSM 880
(upright Cryo-Confocal Microscopy)
Training/Assisted $80 $160
Independent use $42 $84
Veeco Multimode 8
(Atomic Force Microscopy)
Training/Assisted Service $70 $140
Independent use $36 $72


Sample Preparation Service Description KI Member MIT Non-KI
Plunge Freezing
(Cryoplunge CP3)
Assisted Service/Training, per hour $70 $140
High Pressure Freezing
(HPM Live μ)
Assisted Service TBD TBD
Resin Embedding Up to four samples $250 $500
Per additional sample $40 $80
TMS Processing Up to four samples $345 $490
Per additional sample $50 $50
Ultramicrotome Sectioning Assisted Service, per hour $72 $144
Training, per hour $70 $140
Independent use, per hour $22 $44
Negative Staining Assisted Service, per sample $17 $34
Sputter Coating Assisted Service, per run $28 $56
Immuno-Gold Labeling Assisted Service TBD TBD
Technical Assistance Per hour $58 $116


Sample/Material Characterization System Service Type KI Member
(per hour
(per hour)
Dynamic Light Scattering (Wyatt Dyna Pro), Nanoparticle Sizing and Concentration (Spectradyne nCS1), Rheometry (TA Instruments DHR-2) Training/Assisted Service $70 $140
Independent use $36 $72


Please note: rates are set periodically, based on operating costs and in accordance with MIT and NCI policies. They are reviewed and approved annually by the MIT Office of Cost Analysis. Services are billed at the rate listed on the date of service delivery.