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The Genomics Core Facility is a shared institutional resource providing KI investigators with integrated full service and walk-up facilities for genome-wide analyses.

Services include:

  • massively parallel sequencing using the Illumina platform (both library preparation and sequencing)
  • chromatin-IP handling
  • array processing on Affymetrix and Agilent platforms
  • real-time PCR and bioanalyzer services
  • an HTS Suite with state-of-the-art automated screening instrumentation and an expert staff to enable oncology-focused biochemical and cell based screens using small molecule and shRNA libraries
  • automated liquid handling, plate reading and high content microscopy instrumentation available for walk-up use

Access is available to all members of the MIT community, to the extent permitted by available capacity. In recognition of funding support, priority access is given to members of the Core’s sponsoring entities (Koch Institute, MIT Biology, MIT Biological Engineering and MIT Center for Environmental Health Science) and NCI-funded research projects. In special circumstances, access may be available to non-MIT users (details available on request from the Facility Director, Stuart Levine).

For additional information on sequencing, ChIP, microarrays, qPCR, bioanalyzer, plate reader and walk-up liquid handling capabilities, visit the BioMicro Center website.

For additional information on high throughput screening and walk-up liquid handling, plate reader and high content microscopy capabilities, visit the Genomics: High Throughput Screening Facility website.

The Genomics Core is supported in part by funding provided to the Koch Institute from a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant.


Facility Sponsors

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