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Please note: rates are set periodically, based on operating costs and in accordance with MIT and NCI policies. They are reviewed and approved annually by the MIT Office of Cost Analysis. Current rates effective July 1, 2020.

Each service is described in detail on the Services page.

The Preclinical Modeling Facility uses iLab, an online system, to streamline the process of requesting and billing core services.  Information on registering for an iLab account is available on the Core Access page.

Service Description KI

MIT(non-KI) &

External Academic

Gene Targeting in ES cells Gene targeting with 240-288 colonies isolated for screening $2813         $5624
  Small targeting, isolating 96 or fewer colonies  $1998         $3599
  Assistance with transgenic vector design $100/hr (2hr FREE)         $200/hr
  Please start by reading our "Beginner’s Guide to Gene Targeting" on Methods    

Culture of ES cells and preparation for their injection into blastocysts



  Preparation of cocktail containing Cas9/sgRNA complex and HDR DNA for injection into zygotes $243         $372

Injection of DNA (BAC or Transgenic), CRISPR-RNPS, RNA or virus into pronucleus of fertilized mouse eggs (C57BL/6) or   

Injection of ES cells into pre-implantation, diploid blastocysts (C57BL6)





Karyotyping Prepare and Ship 1 or 2 mouse ES lines for Karyotyping at Cell Line Genetics (CLG) $365         $608
  Each additional line added to a shipment to CLG $122         $181
  (Cell Line Genetics charges $450 per line for karyotyping)    
Pathogen Tests

Cells that will be placed in a rodent must be free from known pathogens.  Cell lines will be expanded according to testing requirments and submitted.

(Charge of $805 for testing at IDEXX, not included)

$225         $344

Pathogen-free mice are available for transfer to MIT Animal Facilities only, not to other institutions.

All mice are also availiable from The Jackson Laboratories. See Repository Mice Available page for  details, including JAX strain#'s.

C57B6L/6j  $39/$45

Per mouse


Training options include, but are not limited to:

$70/hr         $140/hr
Assisted Work

Culture of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells and organoids

Generation of new cell lines: ES cells, MEFs, mouse intestinal organoids or other primary cell cultures (all mammals)

Stable transfection of cell lines to introduce elements such as reporters

Isolation of mouse eggs, blastocysts or embryos 

Differentiation of ES cells to specific cell tissue type in vitro

Optimizing breeding conditions for mice

$80/hr         $160/hr
Consultation   $100/hr           $200/hr
Vials of 3x105 irradiated NeoR MEFs for use as feeders. One vial covers one multiwell plate or one 10cm dish. $18           $27
  Vial of germline-proven ES cells $394           $563
  Media, Serum, and Matrigel for specilized cell culture at cost

Other services such as cryopreservation of sperm and embryos, IVF, and genotyping are also available from DCM.

Please see the DCM website (Certificates Required) for more details.

*As workflow permits, we do provide services to non-MIT academic institutions and for-profit researchers.