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Project Consultation

Prior to data collection, the BCC encourages researchers to meet with a staff member to discuss statistical considerations that may impact experimental design. Once data is in hand, an additional consultation is required to formulate an analysis plan and to define the scope of the work. 

Data Analysis

BCC bioinformatics specialists perform data analysis based on the goals set forth during the project consultation meetings. The details of the workflow are flexible but usually involve the staff member working on the project followed by routine meetings with researchers to communicate progress and revise goals. Throughout the project, the BCC staff document their work to facilitate preparation of relevant sections of publications. In addition, the BCC will also handle submission of data to public repositories.

Software Support

The BCC supports access to several proprietary bioinformatics resources. Contact Charlie Whittaker for help accessing Oncomine Research Premium Edition. In collaboration with MIT Libraries, we also support access to GeneGO MetaCore and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. For help accessing these tools, contact our colleague at MIT Libraries, Courtney Crummett.


Training sessions covering various bioinformatics topics are available to individuals or groups. Depending on the situation, this training may be free of charge or it may be billed at the same rate as bioinformatics data analysis. In addition, classroom sessions on introductory bioinformatics and computation are taught each January during MIT’s IAP.

Compute Cluster

The BCC provides a Linux compute cluster to researchers from all sponsoring entities. Updated versions of a wide range of bioinformatics applications are installed on the cluster, jobs are scheduled using sun grid engine and training on usage is available upon request.

Data Storage

The BCC provides a data storage resource to the KI community. Data are accessible from the BCC compute cluster or via mapped network folders from computers at MIT. Off-campus access is possible using VPN. Each lab in building 76 has one TB of free space and additional TBs are billed on a monthly basis. The risk of data loss is minimized through hardware redundancy and off-site data backup.

Poster Printing

The BCC provides a poster printing service to KI labs that are located in building 76. Printing requires assistance from BCC staff and at least 48 hours advanced notice.