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The following fee schedule is effective July 1, 2020

Chargeback fees are administered by the hour (in 0.5-hour increments), except for workstation access, which is charged per user, per month.

Equipment or Imaging System Service Type  KI Member MIT Non-KI
IVIS Optical Imaging Training and assisted service $80 $160
Independent use $55 $110
Ultrasound, Ultrasound/Photoacoustic and MicroCT Training  $80 $160
Independent use $60 $120
Assisted service $100 $200
7T MRI Assisted service $150 $300
Independent use On request NA
PET/CT Assisted use $150 $300
Cryo-fluorescence Tomography Assisted Imaging (Emit Imaging) Billed directly by provider  
Assisted Reconstruction/Registration $100 $200
Workstation/Software Independent use, per month $60 $60
Assisted data analysis $100 $200


Preclinical Testing Service Description KI Member MIT Non-KI
Consultation Initial Consultation No charge No charge
Project Development $100 $200
Approvals (IACUC, EHS)    
Assisted Work & Training Experimental Set-Up $40 $80
Animal Health Assessments    
Tumor Induction    
Compound Treatment    
Biochemical Analysis    
Blood Collection & Processing    
Sample Processing    
Data Analysis & Reporting   $100  $200
Materials and Supplies at cost at cost
Genotyping, per locus $ 5.40 $ 10.80


Please note: rates are set periodically, based on operating costs and in accordance with MIT and NCI policies. They are reviewed and approved annually by the MIT Office of Cost Analysis. Services are billed at the rate listed on the date of service delivery.

The Preclinical Imaging & Testing Facility uses iLab, an online system, to streamline the process of requesting, scheduling and billing core services. Information on registering for an iLab account is available here.