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"And the Academy and awards go to..."

...Paula Hammond, Ed Boyden, and Aviv Regev, for their election to the National Academy of Sciences. Hammond, David H. Koch Professor in Engineering and head of MIT's Department of Chemical Engineering, is being honored for her work in nanomedicine, using biomaterials to enable targeted drug delivery and self-assembled materials systems for electrochemical energy devices. Boyden, Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology, develops new tools for probing, analyzing, and engineering brain circuits. Regev, Professor of Biology, studies the molecular circuitry that governs the function of mammalian cells in health and disease. 

...Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor, for the 2019 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences, awarded by The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation "for discoveries and inventions of materials for drug delivery systems and tissue engineering that have had a transformative impact on human health through chemistry." This prestigious prize in chemistry and related fields was focused this year on advances that have benefited human health. Notably, Langer is the first chemical engineer to receive it.

...Sangeeta Bhatia, the John J. and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Health Sciences and Technology and of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, for winning the 2019 Othmer Gold Medal from the Science History Institute for adapting technologies developed in the computer industry for medical innovation and for advocacy for diversity in science and engineering.

...Angela Koehler, the Goldblith Career Development Professor in Applied Biology, for receipt of the NSF CAREER Award. The award will support her work designing and synthesizing new chemical compounds that can change the "master program" that turns genes on and off in a cell. Koehler also won the MIT School of Engineering's 2019 Junior Bose Award for Teaching Excellence.

...Regina Barzilay, the Delta Electronics Professor, for making the "Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare" compiled by Deep Knowledge Analytics.