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The Koch Institute congratulates the KI faculty members whose startup companies (and associated CEOs) are being celebrated by this year's Xconomy Award nominations. Each category honors a person, company, or organization within the Boston life sciences ecosystem, including:     Young Innovator: Former KI postdoc Carl Schoellhammer (CEO and co-founder, along with KI member Robert Langer, of Suono Bio)         Newcomer: Bill Haney (CEO and co-founder, along with KI director Tyler Jacks, of Dragonfly Therapeutics)         CEO: John Maraganore (CEO of Alnylam, co-founded by KI member Phil Sharp)         X of the Year: KI member and Senti Biosciences co-founder Timothy Lu (nominated as Scientific Founder of the Year)         Big Idea: Travera (co-founded by KI member Scott Manalis, and profiled here) and the Human Cell Atlas (co-led by KI member Aviv Regev and profiled here).         See all the nominations (including KI members Angela Belcher and Nancy Hopkins mentioned above!) here.